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Employer: edmondcao  |  Job ID: 37448  |  Category: App & Software Development  |  Job type: Contract

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Job Status: Awarding Overdue Bidding Started: Apr 02, 2020 21:38 EDT
Job Budget: Negotiable Bidding Ended: Apr 03, 2020 21:38 EDT


SALESFORCE在里面有NGO的模板,需要协助如何设定NGO组织。包括个人,公司**的设定。(Personal Donnor and Corporate donor set up).实用个人,公司**(Donation record related personal donoror corporate donor)。相关事件历史(Related event history)。义工(志愿者)参与活动历史(Volunteer participation history)。志愿者参与的活动(Volunteer events participated)。志愿者摘要(Volunteer summary)。

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