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Crowdsourcing Explodes in China

by John.Lin in In the News Aug 14, 2013 EDT

While crowdsourcing may seem like a relatively new concept for English-speaking countries, it appears that the concept is exploding in China. DesignCrowd CEO, Alec Lynch, gave a keynote video presentation at the first global Witkey and Crowdsourcing Conference in Guangzhou China.  He compared crowdsourcing in China to crowdsourcing in English-speaking countries, indicating that China is utilizing crowdsourcing more rampantly than its global business counterparts.

Lynch cited two examples to drive the point that English speaking countries could learn from and possibly partner with China in this area.  Zhubajie is a Chinese crowdsourcing site that has four million workers.  While it is difficult to determine what exactly a Chinese site crowdsources, it appears that they have extensive crowdsourced content.  Another Chinese crowdsourcing site that boasts 2.8 million workers is TaskCN.

The presentation focused predominately on witkey, which means “crowdsourcing website” in Chinese, and how Western companies could possibly collaborate with Chinese companies in several areas, one of which is graphic design.

For example, eight out of nine Chinese businesses request English characters when they crowdsource logo designs; however, only .77% of the Chinese population speaks English.  This is a huge barrier for sites like DesignCrowd to try and crack the Chinese market, which is apparently ripe for the opportunity to crowdsource design.

Lynch is hopeful that translation technology advancements and inexpensive translation services as well as increased English-literacy in China will eventually lead to large, multilingual crowdsourcing services.

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