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ZBJ Network, Inc., Crowdsourcing Website Offers Key Translation Methods To Provide Accurate Results For Any Size Job

by John.Lin in In the News Aug 15, 2013 EDT

PRWebHOUSTON, Texas (PRWEB) October 10, 2012 confirms their personal touch and strong commitment towards a one-stop shop of all services, big or small, for small business needs by providing accurate human powered translation results. Reaching in excess of 100,000 translators fluent in over 10 languages throughout the world, Witmart offers top human translation services for any size job through their innovative website.

Crowdsourcing website aims to be an employer’s most reliable professional marketplace by accepting translation jobs of any size. Many translation agencies set a minimum word count or minimum fee that must be met before a translation job can be submitted. Witmart translators will accept a job of any size, even one sentence, and begin translating the provided document in less than 24 hours, using 100% human powered translation efforts to return the most accurate and efficient results compared to the inconsistency from online translation tools. Witmart freelancers ensure translation works are completed with speed and efficiency while meeting the expectations set; otherwise, employers may request a 100% refund on any prepayment.

“We are not in the business of hamstringing our employers who need the tiniest of translation works performed,” says Richard Zhou, Witmart CEO. “Agencies and online tools are limited and inaccurate and we want our employers to walk away 100% satisfied with the end translation result and the freelancer chosen. We will continue to provide assistance to employers in any facet that is necessary to help their small business grow.”

For employers who are unfamiliar with the language they need translated, they can opt for the Witmart Assurance translation services. This service allows for a member of the Witmart staff to facilitate the job posting and review the freelancer’s abilities before making a decision on a winner. Since a provider is chosen by their skills and not by cost, having a Witmart professional in an employer’s corner is instrumental in finding a freelancer that will meet expectations.

More information about translation services with Witmart can be found at:


Operated by ZBJ Network, Inc., is an Internet marketplace and workplace for non-physical products including service, designs and digital goods. Together, and make up the largest crowdsourcing website with over 7 million registered users. The website provides a unique and innovative platform were employers can post their service requirements and freelancer experts can bid for job opportunities by posting their qualifications and proposals. With identity verification and a money back guarantee, provides the best solution to securely and easily complete projects and their transactions.

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