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ZBJ Network INC, Offers the Most Affordable Logo Design Packages for New Businesses

by John.Lin in In the News Aug 15, 2013 EDT

PRWebHOUSTON, Texas (PRWEB) August 27, 2012 operated by ZBJ Network, Inc., is an Internet company that offers online outsourcing work for various individuals and businesses throughout the world. ZBJ Network takes pride in announcing, as of press time, that, in conjunction with their sister site in China ( has over 7 million providers available for outsourcing needs. With over 40,000 job postings in 30 days amounting to $174,000 of work paid out to providers, the ZBJ Network has cemented themselves as one of the most efficient and reliable marketplaces to post jobs and receive results.

Many small businesses starting anew are looking for ways to set themselves apart from the competition through the creation of a logo. A well-thought out logo becomes the cornerstone of their business, establishing style, impact and credibility to the organization from day one. From years of experience and knowledge in the workplace, Witmart employs individual freelancers who understand the importance of logo branding and aim to distribute an encouraging brand message to outsiders, helping businesses quickly rise above their competition. A logo that conveys trust and responsibility will win out when it’s time to for a customer to show loyalty towards a business.

According to Richard, CEO of, “Our employers are our number one priority, and our mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers.” Regarding Witmart’s commitment to providing the best logo, he adds, “We understand the importance of what a well designed logo can help represent for a company trying to get their business off the ground, thus we want to be there every step of the way to make sure they get a logo they can get excited about. Getting their business off to a good start is not only a priority of theirs, but a priority of ours as well. Our one-on-one assistance for every customer speaks for itself.”

Witmart’s large talent pool ensures employers will have their pick of a logo that will help them lay the foundation for their branding efforts. By posting a job on, service providers become aware of the posted project, bid accordingly, and fulfill the employer’s needs as directed. Employers can choose from the most efficient providers based on employer feedback, recent transactions and skill levels. Budget-minded employers can post logo design contests for as little as $99, getting extreme value at a price that is lower than competitor’s packages yet still provides outstanding end results. Providers go through Identify Verification via phone or email, giving them more trust in the eyes of employers. Additionally, employers can bid safely and confidently knowing there is a 100% money back guarantee when bids don’t meet expectations set at the start of the job.

For more information about’s graphic and logo design services, you may visit

Operated by ZBJ Network, Inc., is an internet marketplace and workplace for non-physical products including service, designs and digital goods. Together, and make up the largest crowdsourcing website with over 6 million registered users. The website provides a unique and innovative platform were employers can post their service requirements and freelancers can bid for job opportunities by posting their qualifications and proposals. With identity verification and a money back guarantee, provides the best solution to securely and easily complete projects and their transactions.


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