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How to Minimize Search Costs For Your Business

by Witmart in Business Mar 15, 2013 EDT

With 3G and wireless on-the-go, it’s hard to believe that the internet as we know it now was only introduced a little over 20 years ago. However, everything comes at a cost. For the benefit of accessibility of information, we pay the price of TMI--too much information.

Business owners know this problem only too intimately. For simple needs such as getting a logo designed for their business, the costs associated with searching for the right logo designer includes not only monetary costs, but also time and effort spent. Meanwhile, talented people are just stumbling through the same millions of webpages, hoping to find just the right job for themselves. A solution for this problem is long overdue.

At Witmart we try to minimize the search costs of businesses by offering millions of talents at their disposal. At the same time, the talents have a more assured way of finding the right employers. A recent case study at Witmart illustrates this point well.

Diane, an Employer in the U.S., was looking forward to a peaceful retirement. She bought a sailboat and renamed it. In need for a logo to be put on the boat, she came to Witmart. She posted a logo design job on Witmart and was pleased to see nearly dozens of unique designs submitted within a few days, reflecting the vast number of talents available at Witmart. They had paid specially attention to her job description, incorporating her preference for wines and champagne in most of the designs.

At the same time, Fenrui, a Provider, was searching for a job. As a designer, he needed jobs that allowed him to create value and meaning for both him and his customers. He submitted a bid for the logo design job with three different designs for the Employer to choose.

The moment the Employer set her eyes on one of them, she knew that was the one. She briefly discussed the logo with the designer. After four messages, the whole matter was settled: the Employer had found the perfect logo for her sailboat.

" I liked the design as soon as I saw it."——Diane

The Provider was based in China, the Employer in U.S. Without a platform like Witmart, it is hard to imagine how they would be able to find each other in the internet with billions of users. Besides, there would be no guarantee that the customer would get a good piece of work or the designer would get paid.

With over 7 million freelancers with diverse skills in various industries and a safe transactional platform, Witmart serves as the ideal place for any business owners to start their search for the right talent.

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