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Top 5 Reasons Why Brand Logo Matters

by Kevin in Business Aug 20, 2012 EDT

A brand logo is one of the most important focal points of any business enterprise. Having an identifiable logo is a quick way to get brand recognition and ultimately put an identifiable representation of your company into the marketplace. Think for a moment about some of the more recognizable companies and you will see that there are simple yet effective logos attached to their marketing efforts. Be it the McDonald’s arches or even the simplistic Apple logo, these company representations are recognized worldwide. Regardless of the language their image is a universal means of company recognition. Any organization that is serious about truly building a widely recognizable brand should focus on having a carefully designed yet effective logo. Here are some of the top five reasons why a brand logo matters.
1. Give an appearance of greater size
There really is no excuse for any organization to not have a logo. Typically a logo will be one of the things that quickly differentiate and distinguish large organizations from smaller ones. Large organizations understand the importance of brand recognition and will take time and energy to ensure that company materials including letterhead and envelopes represent a unified look. Typically the focal point of this marketing material will be the logo and how it is further incorporated into these items. Smaller organizations have a fantastic opportunity to mimic this with the proliferation of low-cost printing options available online today.
2. Product memorability
It goes without saying that a creative logo that fits your organization’s brand and message will be one of the best ways to gain brand recognition. Your logo speaks to what you do and what your company represents. People will see this image and instantly form an opinion in their mind. It is up to the company to ensure that that opinion is a positive one. Having a well-designed logo will be one of the best ways to ensure your customers recognize your products.
3. Name explanation or identification
Some organizations choose to have complicated and more abstract names to define themselves. The logo can represent an opportunity to further explain exactly what the company does or what they represent. For organizations that carry unique and often hard to pronounce names, a logo can be a quick way of bypassing this perceived roadblock. The logo will greatly assist the organization in deciphering who they are and what they do.
4. Individuality
Much can be said about the effectiveness of a well-crafted logo in terms of giving an organization individuality. It's important for any company to effectively distinguish themselves from the competition and a unique logo will be a great way of expressing this differentiation. It is important for any organization to ensure that it is setting itself apart from its competition in a positive manner. A well-designed logo will give any business its own individuality in the marketplace.
5. Cost-effectiveness
With a wide variety of services online today there is really no excuse not to get a logo. The Internet is full of talented freelancers who specialize in logo design who would be more than happy to take on the task of developing a unique brand image for your company. The best part about this scenario is that these freelancers will typically compete for your business through logo design contests. This translates into a cost-effective solution for you to develop your own corporate identity.

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