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Using Crowdsourcing as an Alternative to Hiring to Give Your Business an Edge

by Kevin in Business Sep 20, 2012 EDT

When it comes to crowdsourcing, this new wave of thinking can be an innovative way for companies to get a headstart while not spending too much on a certain talent pool of employees. Crowdsourcing is the outsourcing of company directives to the public at large. It is great for small businesses because there is no need to worry about employee hiring or certain demands in higher compensation and wages. Crowdsourcing does not require any pension plans, unions, 401ks or other potential issues that will provide a distraction as companies are debuting to the public. A small business can focus on serious business matters while being able to expand and enhance their brand.
Opportunity for Individuals to Assist Businesses
Outsourcing jobs to the public also gives people a chance to do some extra work while not having to go through a rigid hiring process. Individuals can make money by giving opinions, brainstorming, or voting and companies that contract the public to do work for them are providing a new way that people can be earn. It is a simple and direct way of getting work accomplished while being able to give quick job opportunities and money to the larger population. More companies are realizing that it is cheaper to outsource their jobs and projects to people who otherwise may not have had a chance if they went through a normal hiring process.
Outsourcing can be done both offline and online, but with online crowdsourcing also comes a wider array of talent. People who accomplish certain projects for companies may soon realize their full potential when working on projects. These will also benefit companies because they are out not confined to the drawn out hiring process and now have the chance to use skilled people who can end up being a great asset to the company. Outsourcing can also lead to more stable job opportunities and a chance for people to gain a new form of self-employment. Since more companies are outsourcing, many people in the public can have a chance to earn full time income. This means freedom to manage one’s own time, and this is great for those who are struggling to pay bills or are out of work.
Companies can provide this service to the larger public because it is a wider pool for businesses to tap into. There are drawbacks with outsourcing since companies cannot fully control the work that contractors do on their own watch, but it is still a way of getting a project done quicker while giving people a chance to prove themselves. In a way, outsourcing is like a test; businesses can give a project to someone who has the chance of proving they are capable of handling tasks and meeting deadlines. It is a way for workers to prove themselves instead of simply talking about how wonderful they would do during a job interview. Companies can give jobs to local individuals and do not have to outsource jobs to other countries. This gives a chance for businesses to get work done faster while still employing and tapping into the talent of a local populace.

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