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Icon Design Jobs

  • Award: US$500-US$2,000  |   Contract Job  |  Status: Awarded    |  5 Bids
    We're creating an educational game app for students ages 12-18. We need an illustrator or designer to draw the characters, icons, badges, and other assets that will go into our app. Experience designing for mobile apps is desired. ... more
    Skill Required: Icon DesignGraphic DesignPhotoshop 
    Employer: Chenny United States
  • Award: US$100-US$500  |   Contract Job  |  Status: Completed    |  2 Bids
    1, be cool and fun, I love the iPTT UI but it's still not cool and fun in my standard. you can download the iPTT from app store and get some feel from it. 2, full set png of the APP UI and APP logo which I can direct use. Screen size can fit for iPhone5, 5s, 6, 6plus.. 3, the APP named "mitos" 4, Iron Man style preferred. 5, attach my prototype design( all function had pass the test ), and some my prefer style for a reference. ... more
    Employer: gromits China
  • Award: US$100-US$500  |   Contract Job  |  Status: Completed    |  3 Bids
    The Nature of business is CAFE, Main Products is Ice Blended Drik With some Light and Simple food & snack,The name of the business is "Mok Corner"1. We are looking for a sharp and simple eyes catching logo(No real restriction but keep in mind our client age group (what life style there like) 2. Max 2 - 3 Color3. The targeted customer are age from 15-30 years oldThings to watch out for1. Try to stay away from just a beverage store ( We also sell other food on the side )2. Please Provide the rational & describtion of the design3. The designer / winner will surrender any ownership rights to the graphics / logo designed fro MOK Sdn Bhdattached is the current logo for referrenceSlogan that need to in the design " The No. 1 Brand In Ice Blended Drinks" 3. we Want to attract ... more
    Employer: Rickyochin Malaysia
  • Award: US$90.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  17 Bids
    没有什么限制,寻求“猫”为主题的图案设计,现有作品也会考虑。唯一需要注意的是,图案最后会印在商品上,要考虑印在T恤、手机壳、包袋等上面是否合适。详情可参考: 需要灵感,可参考: 以及 可以参考灵感,但是杜绝剽窃! ... more
    Employer: amity Hong Kong
  • Award: US$100.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  10 Bids
    我想要设计我们自己家里一家三口的漫画,可以做成贴纸,手机壁纸这样的,两个人和一只狗 ... more
    Skill Required: Icon DesignPoster Design 
    Employer: m_0006tzcky5 Hong Kong
  • Award: US$500-US$2,000  |   Contract Job  |  Status: Completed    |  12 Bids
    我們公司想要推出高級的黑胡椒和白胡椒,希望這兩個包裝有黑白分明的反差視覺效果. 黑胡椒 產品系列:Pure Pepper 產品包裝要求:好品質的簡潔歐美風,以黑色為主,希望設計師可以加入些小幽默 產品名稱:Sarawak Black Pepper 產品包裝:朔料袋 白胡椒 產品系列:Pure Pepper 產品包裝要求:好品質的簡潔歐美風,以白色為主,希望設計師可以加入些小幽默 產品名稱:Sarawak White Pepper 產品包裝:朔料袋 我們公司的logo在附件中. ... more
    Skill Required: Covers & PackagingIcon Design 
    Employer: HowardTiong Singapore
  • Award: US$100.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  11 Bids
    产品:我们是一家经营地中海菜肴的西餐厅,以健康和美味为主题。菜单中包括牛排,希腊沙拉,西班牙海鲜饭,意大利面等西餐菜品。全部使用新鲜优质原料,创造地道并适合中国人口味的西餐文化。名称:餐厅的英文名称为The Roots(树根),意思是返璞归真,一改西餐给人的复杂而高达上的感觉,而是提供简单优质且价廉的美味食品,让顾客的用餐体验好似回家的感觉。中文名称为香海西厨,与地中海口味相呼应。餐厅内部装饰:整体使用了工业化的风格,白砖墙配合部分碳化木装饰以及木质桌椅。简单,大方,现代,没有过分的装饰,没有无必要的噱头,没有琐碎的配饰。颜色以白,灰,原木色为主。Logo要求:1。因餐厅内部设计颜色较淡,因此我们希望在Logo的设计中可以引用鲜明的色彩,例如绿色,橙色等,后期我们会配合相应的餐垫或餐巾达到与Logo呼应和整体提亮的效果。2。从设计本身来讲,我们需要一个简单的,易懂的,好记的Logo。3。最理想的设计应该可以和我们的产品,名称和内部装饰风格相呼应。 ... more
    Employer: lxymasie China
  • Award: US$20.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  3 Bids
    欢迎AI高手投稿。 我需要用Adobe Illustrator设计两个Monotype Corsiva风格的字母:J和S,风格和附件中的几个字母一样,这些字母稍后是要进入CAD系统并且被生产出来的,所以需要特别精准。他们需要经过放大或缩小后能够放进那个附件里的圆形里,并且大小缩放不会出现看不清楚(某些部分太粗或太细)的部分。需要字母很圆润,不能有任何锯齿形的边缘。 这只是我们的一个测试,如果做得好的话,我们后面26个字母需要各创造出十几种不同的字体模式,以及例如红双喜等特殊符号,所以希望你能好好完成,我们会有长期合作,酬劳丰厚。 ... more
    Employer: Melwalker Canada
  • Award: US$100-US$500  |   Contract Job  |  Status: Completed    |  8 Bids
    需要設計一有关財務宣傳單張 ... more
    Employer: Nicosayyes Hong Kong
  • Award: US$20.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  2 Bids
    需要设计一租DISCUZ论坛勋章 1.金色 2.带横向飘带,飘带上写上文字 3.勋章上加上论坛logo ... more
    Skill Required: Icon DesignGraphic DesignLogo Design 
    Employer: lifeonline China
  • Award: US$30.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  9 Bids
    - 2D 兒童APP 界面設計- PS 或AI 原檔案- 按鈕,背景界面,人物- ICON- 不接受抄襲作品 ... more
    Skill Required: Icon DesignGraphic DesignPhotoshopUser Interface 
    Employer: EveryKidsApps Hong Kong
  • Award: US$65.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  5 Bids
    I need 10 icon designs that will be used on my website. Each icon has its own unique theme and identity. I've picked four icons for you to design, and the contest winner will be responsible for the rest of the icon designs. Please check out the following link for design references. Example icons in the reference page are similar to we what are looking for.Reference designs: for each icon:1: File management2: Message3: Payment4: Work agreementIcon size: 48x48 ... more
    Skill Required: Icon Design 
    Employer: Designpro United States
  • Award: US$129.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  13 Bids
    Hello all designers. New residential property management company requires eye catching branding logo. Very open to the brilliant mind of a designer doing what they want so I get the best design for my company. Use your fantastic artistic licence. Help me form a fantastic branded logo. Thanks. _____________________________________________________________________________This new company will specialise in residential letting and management of apartments and houses. I require a strong trademark / branding logo. Company name: IQ Property Management LtdJingle: Integrity and Quality | The Intelligent ChoiceGeneral InstructionIt needs to be a unique slick eye catching modern design that represents a property management company that is “the in ... more
    Employer: toucancan New Zealand
  • Award: US$150.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  23 Bids
    I am a real estate broker working for another broker. I developed a team of agents under me and we are called Team Prattella. My last name is Prattella so we just used that name since I am the broker. I am looking for a logo to place on my webpages, business cards etc. My slogan is "You don't just hire an agent, you hire a TEAM!". Team Prattella. Please create a logo for "Team Prattella" that will work for my career. The colors are important as well. My prior Logo for my other company was PR with P being in royal purple and R being in Gold. I am open to new designs and suggestions. I Need Some Professional Work. I am looking forward to this. attached was my prior logo for my other company that I closed down. Now I am Team Prattella - God Bless ... more
    Employer: Prattella United States
  • Award: US$200.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  24 Bids
    Looking for a logo designer for my apartment rental mashup, looking for quality logos like what is found on, ***I do not want anything that shows buildings, I want something unique like***** my site is unique and i want my logo to differentiate itself from the rest as well. ... more
    Employer: marcathy85 United States
  • Award: US$199.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed   

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  • Award: US$199.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed   

    This is a private job, you must sign in to view details

  • Award: US$99.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  15 Bids
    I'm looking for a very simple logo: a black cross on a white background with a red circle around it. It needs to have a square/rectangular black border. This is intended to convey that our church gathers around Jesus and his work for us on the cross.I will need a simple, but high quality, logo that would look good on large posters as well as on business cards. The more you can make it look 3D instead of 2D, the better.I've attached a low-quality logo that I created in Windows "Paint." Essentially, I'm just looking for someone to clean this low-quality logo up and make it look more professional. Also, the final logo needs to have a red circle instead of a green circle.The colour of the red circle needs to be the colour found on the example site at: www.churchplantmedia ... more
    Employer: jonr Canada
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