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Portrait photography Jobs

  • Award: US$100-US$500  |   Contract Job  |  Status: Awarding Overdue    |  0 Bids
    miEDU是一家位于北美的留学服务公司,致力于帮助留美的中国高中生实现高质量的留学目标和个人成长计划。更多关于miEDU,请查看公司官网 。我们正在寻找一位专业摄影师,主要负责拍摄将发布于社交媒体的学生和导师的照片及视频。该职位会随着学生数量增加而扩招。我们需要你会拍摄: 人像风格照片,背景需在著名景点或学校门前; 短视频,主人公会聊一些他们的经历。我们每周会提供不同的主题供你拍摄。你需要会说/读中文来理解我们的脚本。如有兴趣,请提交简历及近期个人作品。我们会预付一半定金,收到作品后补齐剩余款项。期望地区:美国We are a US-based company helping Chinese high school students experience high-quality education and personal growth in the US. (You can find out more about us at ).We are looking for a young videographer to help us profile our students and mentors for social media posts. The job will expand as our student population grows.We need portrait-style photos of our student/mentor, photos of the student/mentor featuring the landscape (e.g. a notable landmark, school gate, etc.), and some short videos of the studen ... more
    Category: Unspecified
    Employer: miedu United States
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