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  • Award: US$500-US$2,000  |   Contract Job  |  Status: Awarding Overdue    |  12 Bids
    按照上传的VIS手册制作相关logo的VIS手册,中英文内容我们提供。需和logo元素和色系符合。和样本vis产品内容以及商业模式一致,可参考。 ... more
    Category: Unspecified
    Employer: bravoway United Arab Emirates
  • Award: More than US$10,000  |   Contract Job  |  Status: Awarding Overdue   

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  • Award: US$5.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Paused    |  0 Bids
    Need create company name includes- Name - Logo - Business Card - Boucher Templates - Letter HeadCompany Scope, - immigration & investment consulting company in Ireland face to global customer ... more
    Category: Unspecified
    Employer: anson00 Ireland
  • Award: US$100-US$500  |   Contract Job  |  Status: Awarding Overdue    |  3 Bids
    1. 按照附件图片P1模式设计展位; 2. 展位大小3*3平方米,三面墙需要设计展示图案,中间墙以2017年PANTONE年度流行色作为背景,附以公司的广告语,LOGO,合作单位的LOGO;两边以P1 展示的蓝色作为背景,最好是有些别致的图案,附以一些文字介绍,文字可待主体方案确定后添加; 3. 5天之内完成为佳。 ... more
    Category: Unspecified
    Skill Required: AdvertisingBrandingForum Posting 
    Employer: TINTEC China
  • Award: US$150.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  103 Bids
    完成问卷后,请提交您的编码获取奖励 ... more
    Category: Unspecified
    Skill Required: Branding 
    Employer: Jax519 United States
  • Award: US$20.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  5 Bids
    I wrote a proposal to branding companies as a sales agency, I need someone to help me to edit the artical and make it sound more professional and attractive. Also need a short email letter to the target companies. Once I choose you, we will have a long term relationship, cus I need help from time to time. ... more
    Category: Unspecified
    Skill Required: BrandingEmail Marketing 
    Employer: Weifashion United States
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