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  • Award: Negotiable  |   Contract Job  |  Status: Awarding Overdue    |  7 Bids
    及长期更新网站内容 ... more
    Category: Unspecified
    Employer: Summerqinqin Australia
  • Award: Negotiable  |   Contract Job  |  Status: Awarding Overdue    |  13 Bids
    - 網站的顏色要圍繞蔬果主題
    - 內容要簡單明了
    - 只要簡單的產品圖片和介紹
    - 可以連接實時地圖
    - 要有中英文兩種語言
    - 我們有一個網站, 只是想把網站改得更好看

    ... more
    Category: Unspecified
    Employer: topquality United States
  • Award: Negotiable  |   Contract Job  |  Status: Awarding Overdue    |  10 Bids
    参考网站:(内容类似,设计的网站是封闭型的,只有登陆才可以进入)**=89034:1:0 ... more
    Category: Unspecified
    Employer: Susanzx Australia
  • Award: US$100-US$500  |   Contract Job  |  Status: Completed    |  1 Bids
    Project DescriptionNeed a web scraper to scrape this website, Need to get all the products in the site, with the following details:- Name - SKU - Image links ... more
    Category: Unspecified
    Skill Required: Scripts & UtilitiesC++Programming 
    Employer: thomasku United States
  • Award: US$300.00  |   Contract Job  |  Status: Completed    |  7 Bids
    Hi all, I have just purchased a standard TaoBao DaiGou platform script which has already been uploaded to my webhost: I need a developer that can help to do the following further development of the website for me: 1) Simplify the website. The current platform is a bit messy. 2) Proof read all the pages and make it fluent (in English). 3) Edit the website to suit the Singapore market and branded with my company logo/name. 4) Make it easy to use. 5) We have a budget constraint so the pricing needs to be reasonable. 6) All the web access will be given to the awarded developer. 7) And some further editing to certain pages to the website. Do contact me if you need any further information. Regards, Jing Hui ... more
    Category: Unspecified
    Skill Required: HTMLWeb DesignPHPScripts & Utilities 
    Employer: jhthng Singapore
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