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  • Award: US$75.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  7 Bids
    Use the information in the attachment to create an eye-catching poster for for use at the 2011 International Christian Entrepreneurial Conference. Use a color scheme similar to the attached brochure. It needs to include pictures, information about, and some form of a chart to show how works. Please reference the attached brochure for information you think is important for new users to know about to put on the poster. Submit your best work as soon as possible! Please make sure the file you submit can be independently edited if necessary. ... more
    Skill Required: Graphic DesignPoster Design 
    Employer: zbj_jobs United States
  • Award: US$150.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  6 Bids
    Format a brochure for to circulate at the 2011 Christian Entrepreneurial Conference. Use the content in the attachment and reorganize that information to design a new layout. The brochure should show how simple it is to use are looking for a graphic layout that is visually appealing and easy to understand. Use a color scheme similar to that of the attachment, and be creative with a chart for how works. Make sure that we can independently edit the file you submit. ... more
    Employer: zbj_jobs United States
  • Award: US$30.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  32 Bids
    Hi Guys: I want a logo design for a Chinese learning web site Our mission is to help all people to easy and quick to learn chinese and have easier and happier life in China. We want the logo need simple, clean, professional and de**rates Chinese culture. We want warm color style and not more than 3 colors. We want the logo not only can be used on web site, but also can be used on books, paper, clothes etc. We want both and its Chinese name "汉风" to be contained in the logo. Free to ask me if you have any issues. Happy bidding and have more work after this done. Thanks, ... more
    Skill Required: ChineseGraphic DesignLogo Design 
    Employer: ChineseStorm China
  • Award: US$150.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  18 Bids
    Design a poster, button, and information card for our bank’s Business Loan Program. We are a commercial bank based in Texas with branches throughout the Houston and Dallas metropolitan areas. Our corporate logo is red with black text. · POSTER: 22 inches x 26 inches in full color – to be displayed at bank branches to announce the program and attract new business. Need in English and Traditional Chinese. See attached file for content info. File type: EPS and PDF preferred. (Please note we will likely request newspaper ad layouts in various sizes based on this poster design) · BUTTON: 2 inch round button in full color – to be worn by bank employees to promote the program. Need English Only. See attached file for content info. File type: JPEG preferred · ... more
    Skill Required: Graphic DesignPoster Design 
    Employer: skelley United States
  • Award: US$150.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  80 Bids
    Located in Hangzhou, China, the "Kaituozhe 杭州开拓者医药科技有限公司" Pharmaceutical Corporation is a manufacturer of media and intermediates for pharmaceutical and medicine production. With the help from, we have obtained a terrific English name "Piocine", which is a perfect combination of the meanings of a pioneer and medicine (you can find the biddings in Job 317 in As the first step of international business expansion, we are in the process of seting our name as Piocine Inc. and secure the domain name of Now we are seeking a logo design for Piocine, this logo is to reflect the same spirit, as a pioneer, a trailblazer in medical/chemical manufacturing, but the style of design is wide open. The logo can include the word Piocine, or wit ... more
    Skill Required: Graphic DesignLogo Design 
    Employer: chenbo United States
  • Award: US$100-US$500  |   Contract Job  |  Status: Completed    |  1 Bids
    Company information:LEDi2, Inc is a LED light company, selling LED lights for commercial centers, billboard advertisement, warehouses, and landscapes. Requirements:-No need good English!-Original Designs (something that you create on your own)-Ask questions (I will understand even if your English it’s not good)-Send files I can open for example; pdf, png, jpg and docx. NOT psd!-Continue to change design until I am satisfy . ... more
    Skill Required: EnglishGraphic DesignLogo DesignPDF 
    Employer: LEDi2 United States
  • Award: US$350.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  41 Bids
    Music OS is a music production program optimized for touch screens. The company website is and the link to an overview of the program can be found here: logo saying "Music OS" ; in a vector format to be scalableSplash screen with the logo for when the program launches. This will be the first screen the user sees while the program is loading in the background.- in a vector format to be scalable and looks good in 16:9 and 4:3 aspectWhen submitting your design, all vector logos should be delivered in both their original program format (.ai, .psd, etc.), and as an .EPS file. Also a list of the names of the fonts that were used. ... more
    Skill Required: Graphic DesignLogo DesignMusic 
    Employer: Openlabs United States
  • Award: US$50.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  10 Bids
    请看下链接:房子的详情,请点击$183,000 19106 Aquatic Dr Humble, TX, 77346-8030第二幢别墅,设计一张宣传单张。针对客户是中国人。 ... more
    Skill Required: Advertisement DesignGraphic Design 
    Employer: AARealty United States
  • Award: US$200.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  79 Bids
    After three years of successful readership following monthly George’s Corner in the Southern Chinese Daily News (SCDN), by popular requests and encouragement of the Chairman of SCDN, Mr. Lee decides that the time is right to begin a live TV talk program. The target audience is the North American and global Chinese community. The first episode will air on September 15th. The style of the program is fun, relaxed but intellectual, and will include vigorous discussion related to personal economic experiences as well as global economic issues.The logo will be used on TV, newspapers, web-pages, program business cards and program gifts, etc. Requirements:1. The logo can include graphics as well as artistic text.2. We need both Chinese and English version. The Chinese version should include the Ch ... more
    Skill Required: ChineseEnglishGraphic DesignLogo Design 
    Employer: George_Corner United States
  • Award: US$55.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  9 Bids
    We need a one-page flyer to market a house in Houston area. Please check the link below for the house details and pricing. We are going to award one winner, but will leave $10 tips each for 2 additional entries.The flyer is for 3520 Ewing Dr, in Manvel, Texas. The first house in the following link click here - The Link of the House ... more
    Skill Required: Advertisement DesignGraphic Design 
    Employer: AARealty United States
  • Award: US$38.50  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  12 Bids
    I need a Pearl Buyer representative that lives in Zhejiang province, China, Here are some cities in Zhejiang province, Ningbo, Zhuji, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Shaoxing. This pay is for 1 week of talking to pearl farms, negotiating, and inspecting the pearls. Pearl Experience would be good but not necessary. I will train the best person. This could be a very fun and lasting. You will need to go to the pearl farms and pearl markets and negotiate bulk pearl pricing for large size and quality of freshwater pearls I need. Assist in the purchase of the bulk pearl buy. You will need to locate and negotiate the lowest prices of people or businesses that will polish, treat "bleach or Dye" the pearls, sort and grade, drill, and string into a necklace. Ship the finished pearls to me. And any othe ... more
    Skill Required: ChineseEmailEnglishSkype 
    Employer: PearlBuyer United States
  • Award: US$150.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  7 Bids
    My website, was hacked by bad hackers. Please help me to restore the website, the first one to complete the job will get the total award. More information will be porvided if needed. ... more
    Category: Other Services
    Employer: tgpascal United States
  • Award: US$30.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  35 Bids
    Crane Club is an exclusive and invitation-only club for entrepreneurs and emerging stars in business. Our objective is to promote ideas and interactions between members. It is a non-profit organization (for now). We are looking for a unique logo for our organization. ... more
    Skill Required: Graphic DesignLogo Design 
    Employer: craneclub United States
  • Award: US$22.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  109 Bids
    Recipe for weight loss -Losing weight is one of the biggest desires for women in the United States today. It is a difficult journey for my efforts toward weight loss . Sincerely asking for your personal experience or your close friends about the best and effective recipe or methods for weight loss. BTW, diet and exercise have been engaged before with little effect or concern. Love to hear anything new :-) 减肥 确实是一件让人很头疼的事情,毕竟是自己身上的肉和油,割舍不得,也不敢随便糟蹋自己的身体。首先申明我是真的胖。最恶心那种瘦的皮包骨还天天嚷着要减肥的人。想想我的减肥血泪史不堪回首啊!每次都是信心满满,以一颗虔诚的心投入减肥中。总幻想着一个月后我就身轻如燕,是个小腰精了,可最后都以失败告终。本人属顽固型脂肪。瘦一斤是相当不易的。曾试过 瘦腹贴、瘦身仪器、减肥茶、瘦身霜、瘦身咖啡。从吃的、抹的到用的可谓是一应俱全。花了不少银子可效果甚微。也想过通过运动减肥比如跑步怎奈本人腿部肌肉发达,尤其是小腿,根本不像是女人的腿. 怕运动会变得更壮那就**了。也想过节食减肥但胃又不好。万一减肥不成还伤了身体就得不偿失啦!所以在此寻求减肥良方。希望有减肥秘诀的朋友能慷慨传授,我愿意做你们的小白鼠. 最好是个人或好朋友的经验, 不仅仅是道听途说。 ... more
    Skill Required: Article WritingWriting 
    Employer: LittleLady United States
  • Award: US$10.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  54 Bids
    中秋节快到了,很想念故乡苏州的鲜肉月饼。请高手指点一个普通家庭可行的做法。有烤箱,电炉可用。希望不要太复杂,但要保证味道正宗。有图示就更好了,多谢了! ... more
    Skill Required: Article WritingChineseWord ProcessingWritingWeb Search 
    Employer: qiuyan0712 United States
  • Award: US$200.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  21 Bids
    任务要求:将商业计划书内容(附件2)进行美化,要求加入Witmart.com和福遍县的logo(见附件3,4)。要求计划书用word或者pdf交稿。可参考附件1中的样本,计划书中必须加入福遍县(Fort Bend County)商会和中国有关的图片。注意:1. 不要使用受版权保护的资料或图片。2. 交稿内容文档要是可编辑的。3. 更多Fort Bend County资料,请参看 ... more
    Category: Other Services
    Skill Required: Graphic DesignMicrosoft WordPDFWriting 
    Employer: zbj_jobs United States
  • Award: US$30.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  22 Bids
    I'm studying for the SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test, a private high school entrance exam) and I need some good study guides for the verbal section (vocabulary and **ogies) and the reading section of the testPlease also include some useful tips for the test in general. ... more
    Skill Required: WritingWeb Search 
    Employer: Amethest United States
  • Award: US$65.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  36 Bids
    汇学天下www.fx8811.com征集网站logo和Header(顶部**广告)汇学天下是一个外汇教育类型的网站,属于金融体系。 要求 1. logo 需含有“汇学天下”三字,最好有立体感,可以尝试不同的字体,如:古印简体 2. 网站的主题颜色是草绿色,请参看网站目前设计,logo和header 的设计许必须与目前的颜色搭配。 ... more
    Skill Required: Graphic DesignLogo Design 
    Employer: johnhe521 United Kingdom
  • Award: US$150.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  28 Bids
    APEC National Real Estate 是一家澳州 房地产公司,任务简述:1、对公司LOGO﹐公司的名片﹐VI进行设计。 LOGO设计颜色最好不超过3种 。绿,蓝, 墨绿,深蓝, 红,黄,金色等。。。2、LOGO的整体设计希望能够体现、简洁, 大气、的設計要看起來 大氣﹐圓潤﹐發達﹐生財富有﹐體現出高檔大公司的風度和氣派 ,。并符合澳洲人的文化。醒目,有强烈的感染力,凝聚力。 3。 并文字说明LOGO的寓意 請各位大師放開思路﹐大膽構思﹐拿出最好的作品﹗ ... more
    Employer: xitongandy Australia
  • Award: US$1600.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  802 Bids
    张哲瑞联合律师事务所与中国大陆的**网站www.zhubajie.com和它在美国的英文网站 通力合作,推出了四篇文章改写任务,有很多朋友热情地参与了这些任务,经严格遴选,我们每次选取了四名获奖者予以奖励,共有16人次获奖,我们还向12人次提供了小费,总奖金数达1112美元。在四篇文章改写任务结束之后,张哲瑞联合律师事务所在2011年8月18日到2011年9月2日的15天内推出了“请为忽悠网建言”的活动,请广大朋友对我们的网站如何改进提供建议。为了让更多的朋友获奖,我们这次择**取了100名获奖者,奖金总数为1600美元(约合10000元人民币),每人奖金为16美元(约合100元人民币)。此次任务简单,中奖者多,大家参加踊跃。对那些没有获奖的朋友,我们在这里也一一表示感谢,衷心感谢他们的热情参与。张哲瑞联合律师事务所的网站为:http://www.hooyou.com张哲瑞联合律师事务所是在美华人创办的最大的一家移民律师事务所,致力于为广大客户提供关于美国移民和非移民签证的全方位服务,特别是特殊技能人才(EB-1)、国家利益豁免(NIW)、跨国公司经理(L-1)和投资移民(EB-5)等方面的专案设计服务。在过去的十五年中,张哲瑞联合律师事务所已为数千客户成功申请美国绿卡。目前该所在美国的纽约、洛杉矶、芝加哥、休斯顿、硅谷和奥斯汀等六城市设有办公室。 ... more
    Skill Required: Business WritingWriting 
    Employer: hooyoulaw United States