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  • Award: US$70.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  45 Bids
    Audio Birthday greetins, to Caroline, aka Meimei or Ar-mei, in San Diego, California for her 21st birthday, in MP3 file, playable. Preferred languages are American English with strong Texas drawl, Oxford English, English with Long Island accent, Madarin spoken by Canonese, or Canonese spoken by Northern Chinese. Other dialets are welcome, but need to have full Madarin or English translation in the end. ... more
    Category: Translation
    Skill Required: Audio EditingChineseEnglishTranslationVoice Talent 
    Employer: gojhm United States
  • Award: US$50.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  45 Bids
    We are seeking the best candidate to translate the annual report attached below. Contestants are invited to translate page 2 of the attachment (the message from J.Wiley, President) as a demonstration of your ability to successfully complete the project. The winner of this contest not only wins the $50, but the right to finish the job to translate the entire document. For this effort we are going to use the tip function to pay additional $150 for completion of the job. This job will close in less than 10 days. Please submit your translations as soon as possible. ... more
    Category: Translation
    Skill Required: ChineseEnglishTranslation 
    Employer: Ft_Bend United States
  • Award: US$40.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  28 Bids
    小时候最亲的是奶奶,奶奶去世时我却不在身边,总是想起她。现征有关奶奶的故事或回忆的文章。不需要华丽的词藻,但要有感人的故事或深情的表露。一切由心而发。奶奶依然健在或已离世都可以。 ... more
    Skill Required: Article WritingChineseWriting 
    Employer: FineArt United States
  • Award: US$12.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  3 Bids
    Image processing into a cartoon。 Silhouette, three-color。Reference KFC The Case is Consulted Default.Not invited,Do not Submission. ... more
    Skill Required: Graphic DesignPhotographyPhotoshopPhoto Editing 
    Employer: zuseal China
  • Award: US$50.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  1 Bids
    要求懂英语 (虽然都是简单的英语) 模拟一个餐厅的点餐亭, 触屏的那种 (已经设计好了, 在ppt里, 直接做出来就可以了) 一共5页, 涉及到动画(简单)的 就2页!! 1. 没什么动画,主要是一些按钮之类的 2. 涉及到计算: 很基本的累积加法, 就是把客人所选的菜 价格 加在一起 计算最后的Total in Cash 有问题 QQ联系: 108638955 ... more
    Skill Required: ChineseEnglishFlash 
    Employer: oliver666 Malaysia
  • Award: US$25.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  1 Bids
    已有人选,大家不要白费力了 ... more
    Skill Required: ChineseGraphic DesignLogo Design 
    Employer: powerzhe United States
  • Award: US$30.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  12 Bids
    我的战队的名字叫“给力一族”,我想设计个队徽,希望背景是个盾牌样子的,最好有只鹰,给力两个字也在上面。我不懂设计,但我希望那个队徽看上去大气一点,不要那种华丽的,背景颜色除了黑就是那种血干了的颜色,但最好是全黑,有一些小地方是其他颜色也没关系,我的战队是战地之王的战队 ... more
    Skill Required: ChineseGraphic DesignLogo Design 
    Employer: powerzhe United States
  • Award: US$22.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  75 Bids
    Please translate the portion under the title "GRAFFITI ABATEMENT" in the attached file, and submit the translated sample for evaluation purpose.There is only one winner in this contest, but all quality works will be appreciated and such submitters will be invited to bid on various translation jobs in this project. ... more
    Category: Translation
    Skill Required: ChineseEnglishTranslation 
    Employer: chinatown United States
  • Award: US$2000.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  48 Bids
    Youth Writing ContestPURPOSE: To promote family values and thank parents for their care and loveSUBJECT:My ParentsTWO CATEGORIES : English OR ChineseNAME OF SPONSOR:MetroBank, N.A., Houston, Texas, U.S.A.LEGAL CONSULTANT:Zhang & Associated, P.C.TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT: will provide all technical and internet expertise to support the contest.ELIGIBILITY: Participant must be between ages of 13 and 18 before 10/1/2011. Personal identification required when submitting essay.Those not eligible to participate include MetroBank & Witmart employees, consultants, independent contractors, interns and their immediate family members, which means parents, step-parents, children, step-children, siblings, step-siblings, or spouses.CONTEST GUIDELINES: Please see details at - MetroBank websi ... more
    Skill Required: Article WritingEnglishWriting 
    Employer: MetroBank United States
  • Award: US$2000.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  123 Bids
    孝親傳家寶,獎金賀佳稿! 愛父母,「獎」出來! 美國休士頓首都銀行首屆青少年「我的父親母親」徵文大賽 徵文大賽2011年11月10日截止 父母的愛像陽光,無怨無悔,像盞明燈,照亮了我們的一生。「我的父親母親」青少年徵文大賽希望能藉此機會,讓青少年回顧與父母或其中一方相處的經驗及記憶,提倡家庭倫理,進而促進家庭和諧。 主辦單位:美國休士頓首都銀行 法律諮詢:張哲瑞律師事務所 網路技術:Witmart.com提供免費網路及投稿服務技術支援 徵文時間:2011年10月1日至11月10日 (美國**標準時間下午五時前) 徵文規則: 请参阅MetroBank网站 首都银行网 - 作品以Word文檔,500字以上,1000字以內為限 ... more
    Skill Required: Article WritingChineseWriting 
    Employer: MetroBank United States
  • Award: US$100.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  68 Bids
    Houston Chinatown, a website is being developed. We need a logo, to be used in homepage and banners. No rules, any shape, color tune, **ns, abstract, simple or comlex. Imagination. ... more
    Skill Required: Banner DesignGraphic DesignLogo Design 
    Employer: chinatown United States
  • Award: US$27.50  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  5 Bids
    you are required to build up a list of top 50 oversea chinese website that has blog or forum functions. oversea means regions out of mainland china. website Alexa ranking shall be less than 100,000.please use the attached excel sheet to submit your result. notice: you may need to use ** to get access to some of the oversea websites which are blocked in mainland China. this is also a job we used to select candidates for future contract jobs we will post.征求具有博客或论坛功能的海外汉语网站50强。海外指中国大陆以外地区,网站必须有博客或者论坛功能,必须在Alexa全球排名前十万位以内。请务必使用附件提交结果。提示:在中国大陆地区,你可能需要使用**才能访问一些海外汉语站点。我们后面还有竞标任务,我们用这个悬赏任务来物色后续任务的人选。 ... more
    Skill Required: BlogsMarketingWeb Search 
    Employer: umtechnical United States
  • Award: US$40.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  38 Bids
    请大家帮忙收集家用**法,用于放松背部,手臂和小腿部肌肉。指法,**位等要描述清楚,最好有一定的图示。用于半小时左右的非专业人员的爱心**。 ... more
    Skill Required: Article WritingChineseWritingWeb Search 
    Employer: oldball United States
  • Award: US$200.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  27 Bids
    前段时间,我们通过Witmart征集Logo设计并选中了一个创意,在选中的创意基础上,我们重新设计了LOGO(见附件)。现征集改进意见。如果你的改进意见被采纳,我们将根据意见采纳程度,奖励$5-$200的奖金。欢迎踊跃参加。 LOGO设计要求如下: 我们是一个中美国际商务咨询公司。有两个分支:一个是PATHWAY TO CHINA,专门为美国公司服务,帮助他们与中国做生意;另一个分支是PATHWAY TO USA,专门为中国公司服务,帮助他们与美国做生意。 我们需要的LOGO要充分反映我们商务理念:“为中美两国的商务往来铺路搭桥,建立捷径。” 特点:简洁明快、有动感、有创意、吸引人。 如果想了解我们公司的背景情况,请访问我们PATHWAY TO CHINA的网站。另一网站www.pathwaytousa.com正在建设中。 ... more
    Skill Required: ChineseGraphic DesignLogo Design 
    Employer: PathwaytoChina United States
  • Award: US$88.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  165 Bids
    We are seeking for a Chinese and English name, for a consulting company helping Chinese students to come to study in American universities. We are a group of Ph. D's working as faculty members in US colleges and will help in every aspects from application, resumes, statement, essays, testing and general introduction and tutoring to prepare the Chinese students to realize their American dreams. The English name can be a new word but must have an available .com domain.求公司名,我们是美国大学的教授专家,开公司帮助中国学生申请美国的大学和研究院。实现美梦。要中文名和相应英文名。英文名可新创,但要有.com的域名。 ... more
    Category: Other Services
    Skill Required: ChineseEnglishWriting 
    Employer: USdream United States
  • Award: US$100-US$500  |   Contract Job  |  Status: Completed    |  4 Bids
    Need a quick sketch in AutoCAD for a proposal to modify existing equipment. Attached are the hand sktechs. 需要短時間修改設計圖. 請看附件. ... more
    Category: Other Services
    Skill Required: AutoCADGraphic Design 
    Employer: avolonec United States
  • Award: US$100.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  22 Bids
    We are running online business for baby products in Australia and New Zealand. We are looking for someone's help to contact the shop owners who run their business with taobao and provide products specific to kids. We'll provide them (shop owners) with the account for login to our provider account and so they can upload and manage their products for sale on our website. We ensure their products are sold fast if the quality is secured. It's absolutely free for them. We won't charge any fees for any transaction and no membership fees applied as well. The prospective bidder is required to introduce our service to these shop owners in taobao and make them become the members with our business. For each member developed, we will pay you 50 Chinese dollars. We start with tr ... more
    Skill Required: Internet MarketingMarketing 
    Employer: evision Australia
  • Award: US$2475.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  424 Bids
    本次"照片忽悠"的活动时间为:2011年9月15日起至2011年10月15日止。有以下要求:1) 照片或合成作品;必须是原创作品或版权属于投稿者。所有投稿者同意,若获奖,照片版权自动出让给 和张哲瑞律师事务所。2) 照片上可以看到人的脸和网址 必须显著可见,不少于照片的15%大小。4) 照片上的人脸须是笑脸,或搞笑甚至古怪的神情。5) 照片上的人可以拿着带有www.hooyou.com的纸张、条幅、旗帜或其它张贴物,也可以把www.hooyou.com写在身上或用物摆出图案展示。6) 地点不限,可在斗室内,可在闹市口,可在高山上,可在大海下,五湖四海,天涯海角。7)仅原创和拥有版权的照片才有机会中标。
    张哲瑞联合律师事务所的网站为: 张哲瑞联合律师事务所是在美华人创办的最大的一家移民律师事务所,致力于为广大客户提供关于美国移民和非移民签证的全方位服务,特别是国家利益豁免(NIW), 杰出人才(EB-1), 投资移民(EB-5), L-1, 劳工证(PERM), H-1B 和I-485方面的专案设计服务。在过去的十五年中,张哲瑞联合律师事务所已为数千客户成功申请美国绿卡。客户可与本所律师在硅谷、纽约、洛杉矶、芝加哥、休斯顿和奥斯汀的办公室约见面谈,具体详情,请访问: www.hooyou.com或联系张哲瑞律师作免费咨询: ... more
    Skill Required: PhotographyPhotoshopPhoto Editing 
    Employer: hooyoulaw United States
  • Award: US$75.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  7 Bids
    Use the information in the attachment to create an eye-catching poster for for use at the 2011 International Christian Entrepreneurial Conference. Use a color scheme similar to the attached brochure. It needs to include pictures, information about, and some form of a chart to show how works. Please reference the attached brochure for information you think is important for new users to know about to put on the poster. Submit your best work as soon as possible! Please make sure the file you submit can be independently edited if necessary. ... more
    Skill Required: Graphic DesignPoster Design 
    Employer: zbj_jobs United States
  • Award: US$150.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  6 Bids
    Format a brochure for to circulate at the 2011 Christian Entrepreneurial Conference. Use the content in the attachment and reorganize that information to design a new layout. The brochure should show how simple it is to use are looking for a graphic layout that is visually appealing and easy to understand. Use a color scheme similar to that of the attachment, and be creative with a chart for how works. Make sure that we can independently edit the file you submit. ... more
    Employer: zbj_jobs United States