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  • Award: US$200.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  27 Bids
    Yao's Wine, thousands of poems for one bottle The new about yao's wine stired intense discussion in my family. I like wine and I was very supportive for yao's wine, but my wife ( CEO of  ( did not agree with me. Since ancient times ,where there is wine, there are poems. Now we upgrade this discussion toa higher level, we'd like to collect ten poems, five for Praise and five for criticize. $20 for each poem. You can flatter it but please don't be a apple-polisher, you can criticize it but please don't be a slander.You can write the poem in any genre, any style, but the word must be Complexformed Characters, you can submit your poems before01/22/2012. Poems about yao's wine, five for praise, five for criticize, $20 for each poem, it' ... more
    Skill Required: Article WritingChineseWriting 
    Employer: dannylin United States
  • Award: US$100.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  9 Bids
    Houston Eagle Golf Association (HEGA) is the oldest Chinese Golf club in Houston area. We are seeking a Logo for our association, used in office letters, invitation, T-shirt, golf caps, for the coming annual Ryder Cup competition with the Dallas club. ... more
    Skill Required: Graphic DesignLogo DesignT-Shirts 
    Employer: Texasrockets United States
  • Award: US$700.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  33 Bids
    Thanks to the Denver Broncos quarterback, Tim Tebow, “tebowing” has recently become an internet sensation. People all over the world are taking fun and creative photos of themselves “tebowing.” Now you can join in the fun and enter for a chance to win up to $200 in my Tebowing Photo Contest! Submit a creative photo of your family member, your friend, or yourself “tebowing” for a chance to win! I want unique submissions, perhaps in unusual locations or photos that stand out creatively. When submitting your bid, please include a date, location, and any other helpful information you wish to include. You may only submit ONE photo per bid – submitting more than one photo will immediately disqualify your bid. Photos must be your original creation. If it ... more
    Skill Required: Graphic DesignPhotographyPhotoshopPhoto Editing 
    Employer: BroncosFan United States
  • Award: US$300.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  3 Bids
    The redesign and renovation of an existing uncompleted cinema theater. The theater is being expanded to 4 screens and the external walls are going to be left as much as possible with some additions and complete recladding using bands of alum. panelling - light gray and dark gray...with an accent band and cantilevered cafe (upstairs) of white panelling. ... more
    Category: Other Services
    Skill Required: Video EditingVideography 
    Employer: Stoa United States
  • 8285. TEST JOB
    Award: US$5.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  1 Bids
    Chinese calligraphy Chinese painting, according to buyers requirements. We’re looking for buyers globally, especially in the United States, please provide true information to me . Email: MSN: Alex Wong ... more
    Skill Required: CalligraphyChinese 
    Employer: AlexWong China
  • Award: US$100.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  100 Bids
    诸位,现在丹佛橄榄球队投球手“Tebow”非常红火,可是环顾众网络媒体,却不见一个像样的中文译名。现请大家翻一个两个字的中文名,既符合中文翻译惯例,又能朗朗上口。若要了解“Tebow”的情况,可去搜索“NFL Tim Tebow”。在此谢过。 ... more
    Category: Translation
    Skill Required: ChineseEnglishTranslation 
    Employer: oldball United States
  • Award: US$40.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  1 Bids
    儿童软底学步鞋公司 公司名称:shoeszoo 经营范围:儿童软底学步鞋 主要用途:设计logo应用到网店和产品包装中。 具体要求: 一、设计要求: 1、根据已有LOGO进行色调以及形状的修改。已有LOGO为: 左上角位置,希望设计后的LOGO仍旧可以保持现有的眼睛转动的功能。 2、表现要求简洁明快,活泼奔放、健康可爱、有动感,吸引人。 3、作品风格、形式不限,但必须原创。 4、必须是彩色原稿,能以不同的 比例尺寸清晰显示。 5、标识应为平面形式,可用于各类广告、宣传品及办公用品的印刷。6、便于制作印章,因有必要制作印章扣在信封等邮寄包裹上。 如果想了解我们公司的背景情况,请访问我们的网站: ... more
    Employer: Thelwl Canada
  • Award: US$250.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  5 Bids
    As you may or may not know, American football player Tim Tebow has been the hype of the sports world recently with his clutch on-field performance in addition to his much talked-about Christian faith.In his first start of the 2011 season, Tim Tebow led a comeback to defeat the Miami Dolphins. Following this comeback, Tebow got on one knee and prayed. A fan captured this image and dubbed it “Tebowing” - to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.Some images of “Tebowing” are attachedWhat I want is a 3-D rendering of Tim Tebow in his “Tebowing” stance. The winner will be awarded 250 US dollars with tips considered for models that to not win first. ... more
    Category: Other Services
    Skill Required: 3d3d Modelling3ds Max 
    Employer: aaron92chen United States
  • Award: US$110.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  3 Bids
    We awarded the winner for Job 1099, it is overall a good design. Please improve this home page in these areas:Color theme,Layout and flow.We are going to award 2 winners to collect ideas for this website, and continue to build this website, using crowd-sourcing model. Please refer to job 1099 and the attached source file. ... more
    Employer: Ft_Bend United States
  • Award: US$30.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  5 Bids
    Looking for someone to design a logo for a new Sports Camera. The colour should be Black and Orange.I also need a version in gif format to spin 360 degrees.... The brand name is MADCAM ... more
    Skill Required: Graphic DesignLogo Design 
    Employer: madfuller United Arab Emirates
  • Award: US$20.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  2 Bids
    Mission requirements: 1. You have to make the answer in english answer website , use one ID ask , and answer using other ID. Then use the first ID that you used it ask to choose the answer ID as best answeer. 2. the problem has not been deleted after Submitted 48 hours , then the task is passed. 3.Must ask and answer, and their answer as the best answer, it's only qualified 4.Question or answer Must have one inculde .For example: Ask: how's the qulity of , i want buy one for my girl friend ? Answer : I have boght one for my mother last month on that site , the qulity pretty good. I think your girl friend will love it ? hope it useful to you. 5.You need to choose 10 website in attach files to finish the task, it mean y ... more
    Skill Required: Internet MarketingMarketing 
    Employer: jnifer China
  • Award: US$59.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  7 Bids
    We would like a Greeting Card Design for this Holiday season! We want a professional design in a standard 5x7 (folded) card format. Please design both the inside and the outside of the card. The text of the card must be able to be edited by us. Be sure to inlcude that the card is from Witmart.One 1st place winner will be awarded $49 and one 2nd place winner will be awarded $10. Be creative! Have fun! Thanks for your participation! ... more
    Skill Required: Graphic DesignPhotoshop 
    Employer: zbj_jobs United States
  • Award: US$29.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  19 Bids
    朋友王建光,湖北人,北大高材生,“人间指南”主编,三剑客之首,长城书店总裁老板,求贺生诗词一首,谢谢。 ... more
    Skill Required: Article WritingChineseWriting 
    Employer: dannylin United States
  • Award: US$110.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  33 Bids Kongfu is a weekly publication, we are now seeking help for a LOGO.世界功夫征LOGO。 ... more
    Skill Required: ChineseGraphic DesignLogo Design 
    Employer: WorldKongfu United States
  • Award: US$50.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  4 Bids
    The alumnus newspaper "巴蜀情" is created by retired teachers of Bashu Secondary School. It is a monthly newspaper and printed about 5,000 pieces per month. Only layout design is needed. We will not provide the content and designers can freely use brainsorms to explore creative ideas.To learn more about Bashu Secondary School, please visit ... more
    Skill Required: Graphic Design 
    Employer: Bashu_School United Kingdom
  • Award: US$650.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  8 Bids
    A 3-D rendering, based on the attached sketches and designs. The desired result is somewhat from a bird-eye view of the property, with 3-D effect. A view that gets the small hotel roof in the foreground and then captures the man-made lake with an island shown and the thatch roof pavillion in the island the right of the lake , we have smaller round thatch roof gazebo....and at extreme right after the road, we catch a glimpse of the guest chalets....if you are able to show one or two...that is great. . ... more
    Category: Other Services
    Skill Required: 3d3d Modelling3ds Max 
    Employer: Stoa United States
  • 8297. Programmer
    Award: US$7.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  2 Bids
    Dear, With our newly launched website we are aiming to promote a new trend in the 'dining world': livingroom restaurants. Through the website we try to bridge a cap between people that love cooking, but need a public and people that love to have a great diner but lack the money to go to expensive restaurants. Specially during these times of economic down turns that could be an amazing alternative for the fast-food movement. Therefore a 'self-service'-reservation system has been built through which users can open there own general account. Through this account reservations for (what we call) open evenings can be made. If somebody also wants to cook: from a general account a ' restaurant' can be opened. If we have reviewed the restaurant and approved it: they can org ... more
    Skill Required: FacebookTwitterWeb DesignWebsite Design 
    Employer: mariobrink Netherlands
  • Award: US$328.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  177 Bids
    铁杆球迷为姚明新开张的酒业公司征广告語本人是姚明多年的铁杆球迷。几年前追随姚明,举家从美国西部移居休斯顿。 自从姚明退役之后,觉得生活少了几分**,多了几分无奈。同全球的亿万球迷一样,与姚明总是有一份难于割舍的感情。欣闻姚明开拓酒业生意,本人十分高兴,作为一个铁杆球迷,希望可以帮他一把。上月为刘大伟的影业公司征求中文译名的活动反应相当不错,为此刘大伟还为我亲绘了一幅狮子王。现为姚明新开张的公司征求中文或英文的广告語,请尽情发挥,只要求对姚明的酒业生意有推动作用。没准最后姚明会送我一瓶酒,到时我将与获奖者举杯同贺(下酒小菜我来准备)。本人先想出了一个广告语:"高,实在是高!"。估计没戏,且作为抛砖引玉之用。 ... more
    Category: Other Services
    Skill Required: ChineseWriting 
    Employer: dannylin United States
  • Award: US$15.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed   

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  • Award: US$5.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  7 Bids
    Please create a spreadsheet containing basic information about 10 large witkey platforms (like zhubajie or taskcn) in China. Provide the name, website address, headquarter location, and number of workers registered on the site, as well as other notes you may choose to add. An example of this spreadsheet can be found here: first person to submit this information as an attached xls spreadsheet, or linked file will win the contest. ... more
    Employer: mrtimo United States