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Japanese manga ** channel with Subscribers needs illustrators Watchlist

Employer: CreativeDoggie  |  Job ID: 37809  |  Category: Graphic & Logo Design  |  Job type: Contract

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Job Status: Awarding Overdue Bidding Started: Sep 25, 2020 03:14 EDT
Job Budget: Fixed price Bidding Ended: Oct 16, 2020 03:14 EDT
Budget: $150.00


Needs to hire 10 Freelancers
** Recruitment of illustrators working on famous ** channels in Japan **
** Bonuses and salary increases for those who continue working long term **

This is a great opportunity to work as an illustrator on the popular manga channel in Japan!

Those who are hired for this project will be recommended and arranged for work as an illustrator on a famous Japanese manga channel.

We undertake the job of creating illustrations for more than 10 large ** cartoon channels.

There are several channels with 1 million subscribers and over 1 million views, so don't miss this opportunity to apply!

【Job description】
Drawing manga illustrations
(Since the content is for Japanese, Japanese manga touches of drawing are required.)

【 Conditions】
・ 1 project: 30~40 pages
・ Bonuses and salary increases for those who adhere to deadlines, have excellent work content, and who continue work for a long term.

【Delivery date】
・ Around 5 days per project
┗ We will make adjustments according to your convenience
(in the case of urgent projects, we may not be able to make adjustments)

【Ideal candidate profile】
・ Those who can draw Japanese-style manga illustrations
・ Those who can communicate in English
・ Those who can deliver in PSD format
・ Those who have a sense of responsibility and can meet the deadline
・ Those who can communicate smoothly

Thank you for reading this until the end. We are waiting for your application!

Skill Required: Adobe Illustrator 
Job features:

Bid List

唐海钦唐海钦 Basic membershipBasic

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Bid ID: 254351 - Submitted: Oct 12, 2020 02:56 EDT

Tao_sk Basic membershipBasic

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Bid ID: 254380 - Submitted: Oct 15, 2020 15:26 EDT

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