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Employer: katrinalol  |  Job ID: 16639  |  Category: Graphic & Logo Design  |  Job type: Contest

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Job Status: Completed Bidding Started: Jul 23, 2014 00:36 EDT
Job Reward: $99.00 Bidding Ended: Jul 30, 2014 00:36 EDT
Type: Witmart-Assurance Contest



Name need to be contained in the logo
Nonprofit Charitable Organizations
Preferred logo style
  • An abstract shape or symbol that conveys the values of your business.

Preferred color(s)
Preferred source file format:

Job Announcements

1.  知识产权说明:1、 所设计的作品为原创,为第一次发布。未侵犯他人的著作权。如有侵犯他人著作权,由设计者承担所有法律责任。2、 中标的设计作品,我方支付设计制作费。即拥有该作品的知识产权,包括著作权、使用权和发布权等,并有权对设计作品进行修改、组合和应用,设计者不得再向其他任何地方使用该设计作品

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honour_zihao Basic membershipBasic
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Award: US$99.00  Jul 23,2014 5:39 PM EDT


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Bid ID: 82057 - Submitted: Jul 23, 2014 10:26 EDT

Wahny Basic membershipBasic
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Bid ID: 82042 - Submitted: Jul 23, 2014 09:14 EDT


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