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Designed by 爱上洋葱, a perfect logo for Automotive & Vehicle, Community & Non-Profit, Real Estate & Mortgage, Travel & Hotel, Environmental & Green
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What you get

1. A customized logo that incorporates your business name as well as any tag line, basic color or text changes

2. Exclusive copyright of the logo you purchased. Once a logo has been sold, no one else can buy it. It is all yours!

3. Industry standard PNG & EPS files to use for screen and print situations

4. Full intellectual property. This buys you the FULL intellectual property rights to the design from the designer. You get to own the design exclusively. The logo will be removed instantly from the store.

5. 100% money back if you are not satisfied with the revision.

爱心l家居l卡车l车l房子l服务l明亮l慈善l团结l一体lcar Logo

爱心l家居l卡车l车l房子l服务l明亮l慈善l团结l一体lcar Logo by 爱上洋葱, a perfect logo for these industries: Automotive & Vehicle,Community & Non-Profit,Real Estate & Mortgage,Travel & Hotel,Environmental & Green

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Perfect for these industries


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