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Employer: steven15  |  Job ID: 4770  |  Category: Other Services  |  Job type: Contest

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Job Status: Completed Bidding Started: May 19, 2013 19:48 EDT
Job Reward: $5.00 Bidding Ended: May 21, 2013 19:48 EDT


1 在google或者baidu上搜索中国学生学者联谊会,CSSA等关键词
2 进入其官方网站,确认该大学是在美国或者加拿大
3 把学校名称,网址复制到excel模版中
4 在contact us(联系我们)等类似页面找到联系人的邮件,可以是官方邮件,也可以是主席的邮件,复制到excel模版中
5 重复1到4。

Skill Required: ChineseEnglishAssistant 

Job Announcements

1.  这是提到的excel模板
Attachment: cssaList.xlsx
--- Add Date: May 19, 2013

2.  这个网址http://usa.edutime.net/Rank/Rank1369.aspx 是美国排名前200位的学校,你可以直接在搜索时输入每个学校名字+中国学生学者或者CSSA来找。会比较快。

Bid List

wufirc Basic membershipBasic
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Award: US$5.00  May 19,2013 11:17 PM EDT

I can do it for you, The system does not let me input Chinese . Please send the Excel format to me .
Are you sure there are 200 schools which have CSSA in USA?

Bid ID: 18514 - Submitted: May 19, 2013 21:09 EDT


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