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Google Review Writer, $1.5 per review, just need to copy and paste! 谷歌**,1.5美元一条,**已写好,只需要c&p。 Watchlist

Employer: stellabella  |  Job ID: 18638  |  Category: Sales & Marketing  |  Job type: Contest

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Job Status: Completed Bidding Started: Sep 29, 2014 08:02 EDT
Job Reward: US$7.50 ( US$1.50 per ) Bidding Ended: Oct 15, 2014 08:02 EDT


1) Write a review for our dental clinic in Australia, Sydney
2) Have to have a google account, and the account has been actively used for more than few months
3) One IP can only write one review
4) Just copy paste the reviews I have posted below, double check before you write the review so it's not repeated.
5) Please make sure one review just posted by one person.
6) Screen shot your reviews and posted on the (like as the picture below)

Review 1

I haven't been to a dentist for about 7 years and was weary about going back because of the amount of work I anticipated needing done, then I visited Dr. Morris Dong. He is great and very thorough. Making sure I was aware of what was needed and why. He is also great about sche**ng and reminding you of appointments.

The staff at D&S dental is very nice as well, they are very friendly and accommodating, and I'm definitely excited to get my work done and start going to regular appointments again.

Review 2

The best dentist I have ever been to. I am one of those people that is prone to cavities and prone to gagging. Hence, dentist visits have often left me very anxious. D&S Dental is awesome. My whole family goes here now. Morris is our dentist, and was super-patient with me to make sure I was not in pain and helped me through the process.

As far as financials, Morris is usually very upfront about working with you to make sure you can get it to work the best he can. My husband and I both agree - best dentist and the clinic we have ever been to.

Review 3

Nothing short of incredible! Booked for a first-time visit (cleaning and x-rays) on D&S Dental with no hassle, was seen immediately upon arrival. Dr. Morris Dong was gentle, engaged, friendly AND professional. I have a very special-needs mouth and he really took the time to listen, explore, clean and counsel.

Everyone at D&S Dental was incredibly friendly, I walked away with a lot of swag, and really competent advice. I felt genuinely cared for, not some mouth on an assembly line. I would absolutely recommend my dearest friends go here. Love.

Review 4

The staff is friendly and professional, and all of the services performed were top notch. D&S Dental uses modern equipment for everything from x-ray equipment to ultra sound equipment which makes for painless and fast cleaning.

We are new to the area and my wife went to Dr. Morris Dong for an emergency filling replacement and she was so impressed with Dr. Morris Dong, his staff, and the clinic so that she immediately booked appointments for me and our 4 1/2 year old for his first appointment. Highly recommended!

Review 5

D&S Dental is amazing. I called them early this morning to see if they can see my daughter right away, who is attending University in the city, and they got her an appointment. The great thing about this is that they were booked, but did me a huge favor by seeing her and not even knowing us.

My daughter's dentist, Dr. Morris Dong, is amazing. I called just to ask a question on whether there were special care instructions and he explained to me the situation of her mouth. He was sooo nice and informative. He felt like a friend.

If you ever need a dentist in the Sydney CBD area, D&S Dental is the BEST place to go, hands down. You will not be disappointed.

1、在google上面搜索我们的地址(d&s dental in sydney)
2、一定要有一个google account,并且是一个已经用了一段时间的account
3. 一个ip地址只可以写一个review,请不要重复使用
4. 只需要拷贝然后复制在google review上面,review要写的例子已经在上面列出来了
5. 写review之前请麻烦确认一下没有别的人和你发表一样的review

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