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Employer: cngct  |  Job ID: 22894  |  Category: Sales & Marketing  |  Job type: Contest

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Job Status: Awarding Overdue Bidding Started: Mar 09, 2015 23:21 EDT
Job Reward: US$32.00 ( US$0.16 per ) Bidding Ended: Mar 18, 2015 23:21 EDT


要有人气,并且要和iPhone、iPad、iOS App、App Store、录音、变声等有关系的论坛板块,发完帖子后提交链接为证。但像灌水区、广告区、游戏区等等这样没有利益相关或者人气特别少的都是不符合要求的。


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pandalol Basic membershipBasic
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Award: $0.16  Mar 18,2015 7:58 AM EDT

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Bid ID: 135596 - Submitted: Mar 17, 2015 15:05 EDT

浪里的风 Basic membershipBasic
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Bid ID: 134154 - Submitted: Mar 10, 2015 08:13 EDT

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