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Build me a Learning Management System Using Laravel Watchlist

Employer: AndreaGhello  |  Job ID: 37317  |  Category: Web Design & Development  |  Job type: Contract

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Job Status: Paused Bidding Started: Feb 05, 2020 08:52 EDT
Payment Arrangment: Fixed price Bidding Ended: Feb 26, 2020 08:52 EDT
Budget: US$550.00
Job description
I want a LMS for studying purposes.

the application should be implemented in laravel. the application should have the following:

1- three different types of users (Admin, Learner, Teacher) and different permissions and activities for each user.

2- Teachers users can create, edit, delete courses, quizzes and questions.

3- the questions are multiple choice type of questions. I.e. each question can have multiple possible answers and the student can select the answer he think its correct.

4- some questions are allowed to select only one answer while other questions are allowed to choose more than one answer, depending on the type of question the teacher post.

5- students can Register, unregister from courses.

6- each type of user have a profile page to edit and display its settings.

7- students can see their quizz results and all quizze he/she took, on their dashboard.

8- teachers can see all students who took quizzes for their course (and not other teachers courses).

9- teachers when posting a quizz they should post the qustions, the possible answers, the correct answer and the mark for each question (or teachers put the mark for all the quizz and the mark for each question will be "Question mark = MARK/Total Number of Questions") inside the quizz.

there are more details we will discuss about it later.

9- Admin can do all the functionality of the system I.e do students, teachers and admin functionality.

10- Teachers can upload learning materials inside the course such as, PDF, word documents, Pictures, slide shows(power point), videos and audio clips.

11- in case of open questions (homework) students can only upload PDF, Word document and power point documents.

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Search engine optimization

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This job has been paused on Feb 12, 2020 19:47 EDT

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