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    Freelancing is hot business across the board right now, and all kinds of industries and sectors are demanding freelance work for a variety of reasons. Freelancers are highly flexible, highly mobile, and perform great work while being able to jump from project to project without much fanfare or employment issues.

    As such, in a bad economy, freelancers are in high demand. The graphic design and logo design industries themselves are no different; flexible and hard-working freelancers can find great gigs and work hard to really make a name for themselves in learning and perfecting design. Here's how to get started.

    Get An Education
    First step to learning freelance logo design is to get an education. Whether that is some type of apprenticeship with a designer or graphic artist, or a formal education at a school of art or a university, an education is critical when it
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    Wherever you choose to go on your daily routine, you are sure to be bombarded with advertising messages from companies trying to tempt you with their sweet products or services. With so many different messages flashed in front of your face, many of which are advertising a variant of something else you saw two minutes before, it can become all too easy to get confused. An advertising jingle or slogan might stick in your head, but more often than not, you forget who it was that placed it there. That is where the business logo comes in to play, as they are far easier to remember than anything else. Mention a slogan and people will rack their brains trying to remember who it belongs to, but show them a logo and the name will come right to mind.
    Modifying Your Logo to Match Current Times

    There is a great deal of time and thought put into choosing the right logo for your business, but that doesn't mean that it’s one that will necessarily last forever. Major corporations are constantly tweaking or changing their logo’s, often times to go with a sleeker look, or something that will appeal to a new customer demographic. Some changes are subtle, while others are a complete overhaul, but the fact that these major corporations change their business logos should tell you that it might be time to look at your own.
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    Technology breakthroughs over the last decade have been astonishing, almost to the point of overloading America’s brains with new gadgets replacing old technology on a regular basis. It leaves businesses wondering if they should wait for the next best thing. However, at some point, it makes sense to choose a starting point and push all their chips in with the most recent version at that moment in time. This allows businesses to implement their technology to simplify their efforts and make them more efficient in the process. The question begs though, is there ever a time when relying on humans makes more sense than relying on machines or new software?
    In the freelance world, the need for translation services is a very frequent request from businesses who are looking to translate words into another language. Take, for example, a 500 page website in Chinese that the owners would like to make available in English and Spanish. This is a huge undertaking that have website owners scratching their heads on where to start. They understand there is translation software out there that can automate the process for them.
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    There are countless people who feel as though their talents are being somewhat stifled in a traditional work environment. That may explain why so many people dream of being their own boss and doing what it is they love on their own schedule. That’s what the world of freelancing is about, but it seldom works out the way people imagined in when they sat daydreaming in their work cubicle. Making the move from traditional job to full-time freelancer is one that can be fraught with peril, with many who make that move quickly learning some very hard lessons.
    The first difference that becomes immediately apparent is that you won’t show up to your new job with work waiting for you. As a freelancer expert it’s up to you to get out there and sell your talents. You can’t just sit by the computer and wait for the work to roll in; you have to go and find it. This is often where another problem arises, as you are often forced to wait an incredible amount of time before being told whether you have landed the gig or not. It’s a tough market out there, no matter what industry you are in, and the people that make the decisions want to make sure they are aligning themselves with the right candidate.
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    Nov EDT
    There are a variety of reasons why crowdsourcing a logo to develop an identifiable and memorable brand is a good way to start your business off on the right track. Businesses can tap into a wide base of talented individuals that can create a variety of beautiful designs that will give a company the right look. Cartoon designs, imprints and designs can all be achieved with artists and freelance designers. Here are five reasons to crowdsource your logo to achieve great results time and time again:
    Provide Jobs

    Crowdsourcing means giving people the jobs they need to support themselves and their families. A simple freelance logo job can show what a person is made of and how committed they to a project. Employers are likely to find potential full or part time employers from freelancers who have shown themselves worthy of future projects or a position within the company.
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    Crowdsourcing translation is an excellent way to engage people who are willing to translate documents or records. There are expert freelancers all over the world who can easily translate a document with speed and accuracy. Automated translation sites are not always reliable, thus there is no substitute for human workmanship. More companies are outsourcing their projects on freelance web sites or posted through classifieds. Projects can be posted on bidding sites for employers to choose the best-qualified candidates.
    Achieving translation results through crowdsourcing is a benefit to businesses that don't have the capabilities on staff. Companies that regularly do business overseas can benefit from a trustworthy freelancer, and it may open future opportunities for employment. It is a great way to tap into people while providing them jobs. Investing in people rather than technology will gain a company a positive reputation.
    There is no substitute for person who has lived in China that can easily translate a document rather than relying on translation engines which yield sketchy results. Chinese translation services are manually completed and companies should never rely on automatic translation sites for important business documents. The results are not dependable, and a poorly translated document could ruin a business deal and spoil the reputation of a company. Hiring someone who was born and raised speaking their native language is the most qualified person to translate documents.
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    In the world of technology where speed and instant gratification rule, businesses require efficiency and expertise when turning to freelancers for jobs outside their organization. Owners recognize they need to make good decisions to help keep their business afloat and meeting their goals. Fortunately in today’s world they have more options than ever with the number of outsourcing companies vying for their attention with cutthroat pricing and expert workers. In a world were size matters, Witmart looks to maintain its edge on other similar companies by utilizing their 7 million plus users to handle every small business owners needs with precision and low pricing models.
    With the recent presentation of Witmart’s new logo design packages, small businesses have four new options when it comes to choosing the amount of designers and extras they receive from each package. The packages range from $99 up to $549, which escalating add-ons included as the price increases.
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    Establishing a brand for your business is an important element in starting your business off right. Considering many consumers base a portion of their buying decisions on first impressions, having a logo that excites and builds trust is paramount and must be taken seriously. Businesses working with a tight budget and a finite amount of time to get their business of the ground many not have the luxury of spending weeks hashing out specs with a logo design firm, nor the amount of money it would take to have a custom logo created to their specifications.
    Fortunately, has filled this gap in the logo design industry by launching their ready-made logo store with exciting logo designs that gives everyone an opportunity to buy a logo in mere minutes. It also acts as a quick alternative to their logo design contests, which can offer many creative designs made exclusively to match your specifications, but may take longer than you have to make a decision.
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