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  • 19 EDT
    Jul EDT
    by Amy in Business
    CHINA’S largest crowdsourcing platform received a cash injection of 2.6 billion yuan (US$419 million) yesterday, the largest of its kind in China’s service industry and the largest Internet-related investment in west China.
  • 19 EDT
    Jul EDT
    by Amy in Business
    CHONGQING, China, June 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 15, the signing ceremony for Cybernaut's investment in Witmart, Li Dong (President of Cybernaut) and Zhu Mingyue (Founder and Chairman of Witmart) announced to the media that Cybernaut would invest 1.6 billion yuan in Witmart. Ling Yueming (Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Management Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Liangjiang New Area, and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Management Committee of New North Zone) delivered an onsite declaration that a state-owned company under New North Zone would invest another 1 billion yuan in Witmart. The investment is one of the largest among China's Internet service transaction platforms.
  • 08 EDT
    Jul EDT
    Logos can be created in many different ways. The best way to determine how your logo should be created is by choosing a logo design package that fits into your budget. Many small businesses prefer using logo design online because they receive many great benefits including discount pricing.
  • 21 EDT
    Jun EDT
    (17th June 2013, Beijing time) Less than one out of ten people worldwide writes, or has written, love letters nowadays. This trend is broken by a love letter competition jointly organised by Witmart Group, the Tourism Board of Pengshui County, Chongqing, Time Fragments New Media Co., HKSTV, Chongqing Evening Paper, and the City Paper. More than 1,100 love letters, sent from Europe, America, and Asia, were collected within two weeks of the commencement of the competition.
  • 05 EDT
    May EDT
    Every business needs a logo to brand their business and make a memorable impression on their target customers. A good-looking and well-designed logo can not only give business an appearance of being experienced and professional, it can also help business catch the attention of more potential customers and make a lasting impression on every potential customer.

    There are a number of ways for businesses to get a logo designed. From hiring a logo design firm to using a DIY designing tool to working directly with an in-house or a freelance logo designer. However, for small business owners with limited budget and time, using any of these solutions could result in unnecessary waste of time and money. Hiring a design firm could be really expensive, and finding the right designer could be an overwhelming process as well. This is where crowdsourcing comes into play, it provides a simple and easy solution for businesses to get a logo designed at affordable costs.
  • 11 EDT
    Apr EDT
    Small business owners are notorious for doing it all. Whether it’s because of a lack of qualified staff, or a lack of money to pay them, these folks often find themselves Jacks (and Jills) of all trades. And while that arrangement might work for some, there’s bound to be times when the job is just too much for even the savviest of owners.

    The power of many
    And that’s where crowdsourcing comes in. Simply put, crowdsourcing takes the collective skills and abilities of a variety of professional talents and combines these with the power and reach of the Internet. The result is an online marketplace that allows people to sell their specialized services to the buyers that need them – often for less than “market rates”.
  • 29 EDT
    Mar EDT
    Customizable, free, and paperless. With advantages like these, it’s small wonder that an increasing number of businesses are choosing to outsource online. With more than 26,700 jobs posted on Witmart & ZBJ every month (that’s about 900 postings per day), developing a well-crafted job posting to make it stand out and attract the right freelancer's attention is a must.

    Here are some good practices that seasoned Employers at Witmart have adopted in creating an effective and distinguished job posting.
  • 15 EDT
    Mar EDT
    With 3G and wireless on-the-go, it’s hard to believe that the internet as we know it now was only introduced a little over 20 years ago. However, everything comes at a cost. For the benefit of accessibility of information, we pay the price of TMI--too much information.

    Business owners know this problem only too intimately. For simple needs such as getting a logo designed for their business, the costs associated with searching for the right logo designer includes not only monetary costs, but also time and effort spent. Meanwhile, talented people are just stumbling through the same millions of webpages, hoping to find just the right job for themselves. A solution for this problem is long overdue.
  • 28 EDT
    Feb EDT
    One of the most important aspects of customer service is handling unexpected situations and offering contingent solutions. A case study at Witmart exemplifies this well.

    During the Chinese New Year holiday, many of our Asia-based Providers stayed offline to celebrate with their families. This created a dilemma for one of our U.S.-based Employers, who posted a logo design job during the holiday period.

    Once made aware of the situation, out Customer Service staff immediately sent a Holiday Notification to Glaskody, the Employer, informing him about the possible reduction in available Providers and offering him a free seven-day extension. Galskody shared his concern that the job was urgent and needed to be done ASAP .
  • 26 EDT
    Nov EDT
    Wherever you choose to go on your daily routine, you are sure to be bombarded with advertising messages from companies trying to tempt you with their sweet products or services. With so many different messages flashed in front of your face, many of which are advertising a variant of something else you saw two minutes before, it can become all too easy to get confused. An advertising jingle or slogan might stick in your head, but more often than not, you forget who it was that placed it there. That is where the business logo comes in to play, as they are far easier to remember than anything else. Mention a slogan and people will rack their brains trying to remember who it belongs to, but show them a logo and the name will come right to mind.
    Modifying Your Logo to Match Current Times

    There is a great deal of time and thought put into choosing the right logo for your business, but that doesn't mean that it’s one that will necessarily last forever. Major corporations are constantly tweaking or changing their logo’s, often times to go with a sleeker look, or something that will appeal to a new customer demographic. Some changes are subtle, while others are a complete overhaul, but the fact that these major corporations change their business logos should tell you that it might be time to look at your own.
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