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  • 21 EDT
    Jun EDT
    (17th June 2013, Beijing time) Less than one out of ten people worldwide writes, or has written, love letters nowadays. This trend is broken by a love letter competition jointly organised by Witmart Group, the Tourism Board of Pengshui County, Chongqing, Time Fragments New Media Co., HKSTV, Chongqing Evening Paper, and the City Paper. More than 1,100 love letters, sent from Europe, America, and Asia, were collected within two weeks of the commencement of the competition.
  • 31 EDT
    Jan EDT, a North American-based crowdsourcing website , today released affordable sales & marketing services for businesses looking to outsource critical marketing functions. Witmart’s outsourced marketing solutions give businesses instant access to a platform of over 7 million freelancers from around the globe.

    Outsourcing is a cost-effective business strategy that is important for small and medium-sized businesses. In an environment of changing priorities, small and medium-sized businesses need to remain agile and responsive while maintaining essential marketing functions. Outsourcing is a key component: according to the Harvard Business Review, 53% of surveyed marketing executives planned to outsource their marketing capabilities.
  • 22 EDT
    Jan EDT, a US and Canadian-based crowdsourcing website, released a new professional writing service to help transform the way businesses are managing their writing projects. By utilizing the Witmart crowdsourcing community of over 7 million freelancers, Witmart gives business owners instant access to thousands of professional content writers from around the world allowing clients to choose the one most suitable for their writing job.

    In the online world, content is king. According to a recent survey conducted by, 90% of businesses believe that creating quality content will become more important over the next 12 months, and 64% of businesses say that producing enough content was their number-one challenge.
  • 14 EDT
    Jan EDT, the world’s largest crowdsourcing marketplace for professional freelance services, recently announced their complete and affordable web design services for small businesses around the globe. The new service, empowered by their crowdsourcing community of over 7 million worldwide freelancers, gives business owners instant access to thousands of professional freelance web designers all in one place.

    According to a new report from the U.N.'s telecommunication's agency, the International Telecommunications Union, nearly 78% of the US population is using the Internet. As more people spend time browsing or making purchases online, having a professional-looking website is critical for any business who is looking to either sell their products and services or connect with potential customers online. However, for many small businesses with limited resources, finding the right web designer and developer for their project can be a daunting process.
  • 08 EDT
    Nov EDT
    In the world of technology where speed and instant gratification rule, businesses require efficiency and expertise when turning to freelancers for jobs outside their organization. Owners recognize they need to make good decisions to help keep their business afloat and meeting their goals. Fortunately in today’s world they have more options than ever with the number of outsourcing companies vying for their attention with cutthroat pricing and expert workers. In a world were size matters, Witmart looks to maintain its edge on other similar companies by utilizing their 7 million plus users to handle every small business owners needs with precision and low pricing models.
    With the recent presentation of Witmart’s new logo design packages, small businesses have four new options when it comes to choosing the amount of designers and extras they receive from each package. The packages range from $99 up to $549, which escalating add-ons included as the price increases.
  • 05 EDT
    Nov EDT
    Establishing a brand for your business is an important element in starting your business off right. Considering many consumers base a portion of their buying decisions on first impressions, having a logo that excites and builds trust is paramount and must be taken seriously. Businesses working with a tight budget and a finite amount of time to get their business of the ground many not have the luxury of spending weeks hashing out specs with a logo design firm, nor the amount of money it would take to have a custom logo created to their specifications.
    Fortunately, has filled this gap in the logo design industry by launching their ready-made logo store with exciting logo designs that gives everyone an opportunity to buy a logo in mere minutes. It also acts as a quick alternative to their logo design contests, which can offer many creative designs made exclusively to match your specifications, but may take longer than you have to make a decision.
  • 31 EDT
    Oct EDT
    We’re moving full steam ahead at Witmart and it’s an exciting time to be a small business owner with the opportunity to choose from four new logo design packages that is in alignment with their goals. The new packages put Witmart at the leading edge of the industry for value and choice for logo design work. We take pride in being known as a one-stop shop for all professional freelance services that offers flexible options to businesses that need quick and reliable results.
    By providing small businesses with four different logo design packages, we are able to give business them the flexibility to shop on a budget or receive premium service, and everywhere in-between. This means businesses aren’t forced to spend aggressively, yet ones that require assistance or want the maximum number of logos can opt for the highest-level logo design package offered. The ability to choose gives owners ultimate flexibility.
  • 29 EDT
    Oct EDT
    Looking for some easy extra money today? continues to give back to the community of Witmart users by offering a new program to help them earn extra money. Called the Witmart Referral Program, the opportunity exists for Witmart users to refer friends, acquaintances, colleagues and others to the Witmart site to post and participate in bidding on jobs. In return for the help in spreading the word about Witmart, they will provide you with incentives and bonuses as your friends continue to sign up, post a job, or place a bid. It’s that easy!
    logo design imageTo start, each Witmart member will need to sign up for the Witmart Referral program and agree to a contract stating Witmart’s terms of service. Once this is complete, you can begin informing friends of Witmart’s many professional services for small businesses and have them use the provided referral links when taking action on All the referral details are viewable in the Witmarteer Control Panel, enabling you to check your statistics in real-time mode so you’re always aware of your efforts.
  • 24 EDT
    Oct EDT
    We’re excited to announce our recently opened ready-made logo store to help customers find a logo that fits perfectly into their business brand and helps get them started on the right track for their company. We aim to be a one stop shop of services, helping businesses succeed at a fraction of the cost versus anywhere else on the web.
    We are offering an alternative to our logo design contest in which our new and exciting logo design store gives businesses the opportunity to buy a professional custom logo within minutes. Businesses can browse thousands of logos and anticipate new logos to appear regularly. For business owners short on time or unable to review multiple designs submitted through a logo design contest, it’s easy to find a suitable logo through our online marketplace.
  • 17 EDT
    Oct EDT
    For a limited time, we’re thrilled to offer $20 off any new logo design job and we feel our logo design service is paramount to others based on the fact we offer three iron clad guarantees surrounding our service: a firm 100% money back guarantee, your expectations will be met or exceeded, and the promise of a unique design.
    We take pride in offering professional and affordable logo design contests for employers who want the best creative design results. We like to consider ourselves as a one stop shop of solutions for all small businesses with an impressive staff of over 7 million freelancers aiming to meet expectations each and every time. We provide these sets of guarantees for each logo design job to protect the employer and provide a risk-free environment to post a logo design job.
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