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    Feb EDT
    One of the most important aspects of customer service is handling unexpected situations and offering contingent solutions. A case study at Witmart exemplifies this well.

    During the Chinese New Year holiday, many of our Asia-based Providers stayed offline to celebrate with their families. This created a dilemma for one of our U.S.-based Employers, who posted a logo design job during the holiday period.

    Once made aware of the situation, out Customer Service staff immediately sent a Holiday Notification to Glaskody, the Employer, informing him about the possible reduction in available Providers and offering him a free seven-day extension. Galskody shared his concern that the job was urgent and needed to be done ASAP .
  • 29 EDT
    Nov EDT
    Freelancing is hot business across the board right now, and all kinds of industries and sectors are demanding freelance work for a variety of reasons. Freelancers are highly flexible, highly mobile, and perform great work while being able to jump from project to project without much fanfare or employment issues.

    As such, in a bad economy, freelancers are in high demand. The graphic design and logo design industries themselves are no different; flexible and hard-working freelancers can find great gigs and work hard to really make a name for themselves in learning and perfecting design. Here's how to get started.

    Get An Education
    First step to learning freelance logo design is to get an education. Whether that is some type of apprenticeship with a designer or graphic artist, or a formal education at a school of art or a university, an education is critical when it
  • 19 EDT
    Nov EDT
    There are countless people who feel as though their talents are being somewhat stifled in a traditional work environment. That may explain why so many people dream of being their own boss and doing what it is they love on their own schedule. That’s what the world of freelancing is about, but it seldom works out the way people imagined in when they sat daydreaming in their work cubicle. Making the move from traditional job to full-time freelancer is one that can be fraught with peril, with many who make that move quickly learning some very hard lessons.
    The first difference that becomes immediately apparent is that you won’t show up to your new job with work waiting for you. As a freelancer expert it’s up to you to get out there and sell your talents. You can’t just sit by the computer and wait for the work to roll in; you have to go and find it. This is often where another problem arises, as you are often forced to wait an incredible amount of time before being told whether you have landed the gig or not. It’s a tough market out there, no matter what industry you are in, and the people that make the decisions want to make sure they are aligning themselves with the right candidate.
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    Oct EDT
    Looking for some easy extra money today? continues to give back to the community of Witmart users by offering a new program to help them earn extra money. Called the Witmart Referral Program, the opportunity exists for Witmart users to refer friends, acquaintances, colleagues and others to the Witmart site to post and participate in bidding on jobs. In return for the help in spreading the word about Witmart, they will provide you with incentives and bonuses as your friends continue to sign up, post a job, or place a bid. It’s that easy!
    logo design imageTo start, each Witmart member will need to sign up for the Witmart Referral program and agree to a contract stating Witmart’s terms of service. Once this is complete, you can begin informing friends of Witmart’s many professional services for small businesses and have them use the provided referral links when taking action on All the referral details are viewable in the Witmarteer Control Panel, enabling you to check your statistics in real-time mode so you’re always aware of your efforts.
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    Sep EDT
    The notion of becoming a freelancer and receiving all perks that come with working for yourself is exciting. The flexibility, freedom, and ability to work when you want is an appealing part of becoming a freelance expert. However, in most cases that is where the rewards end. Freelancers are constantly challenged with finding their niche in the marketplace because there are thousands of individuals seeking the same opportunities. How can one stand apart from the rest and rise to the top of their class?
    Outworking the competition is the key component in competing in the freelance market. Whether you’re a logo designer, translator, article writer or programmer, there will always be challenges to be the best. Just starting out with little or no experience, one is forced to wonder how to secure their initial freelance job. Small businesses look for freelancers with experience, but without anyone offering a newcomer work, how does one gain experience?
  • 27 EDT
    Aug EDT
    It’s pretty much a given that the only way a business can succeed is if they get enough customers to benefit from their services. What often gets lost in that thought process is taking care of the customers that you already have as well as constantly chasing new ones. This is especially true with online businesses where a single individual might be running the whole show behind the scenes. It’s hard to do it all alone and expect to succeed, which is why outsourcing work is a great way to let you focus on what you do well. Here are 5 approaches a business can use to get their people to work on in order to keep existing customers coming back for more while they set about building a bigger client base.
    1. Create an e-mail list
    Getting people to opt-in for newsletters and weekly emails is a great way to keep in touch and let them know what you are doing in your business. A great way to get those that are signed up interested in new products and services is to deliver a newsletter that is interesting and fun to read. They can describe what is new with their business, promote upcoming products, or inform of an event or upcoming contest. That is definitely a job that can be outsourced relatively cheaply, but which can also be incredibly effective.
  • 23 EDT
    Aug EDT
    Many people are naturally creative and have no problem finding design inspiration. On the other hand, for some of us it may take a little bit of encouragement and assistance to really nail down our ideas. Thankfully today there are a number of high-quality websites that will be fantastic resources for any individual looking for design inspiration. Here we are going to outline five of the more popular locations online to get an additional boost to our creativity. While these are in no particular order, they represent a mix of both online and off-line works that include everything from photography to wallpapers and even fashion design.
    Created in 2001 this site has always focused on a clear vision of inspiring artists and creative minds. They have done a fantastic job in bringing together a community that not only allows like-minded individuals to share ideas but provide each other with excellent resources to explore the possibilities of their work. While it is deeply rooted within digital art, this resource features work from artists that represent all genres and backgrounds.

    A staple in the online community is probably one of the most highly recognized art communities online today. Featuring over 100 million unique pieces of art and giving artists and designers a mechanism to exhibit and promote their works with fellow artists and enthusiasts, this network boasts over 13 million members around the globe. This truly is an excellent resource for anyone engaging in digital or more traditional artistic efforts.
  • 23 EDT
    Jul EDT
    The third-party application development market has become one of the fastest-growing digital industries online today. The levels of complexity and variety available in some of the applications available today is absolutely staggering. When seeking out to build your own smartphone application, it’s important to understand that there are a few considerations that must be made if you are to effectively enter into this marketplace. As with many other programming centric activities, there are a few basics to designing an app. Here we will detail some of the often overlooked items when individuals enter into mobile application development. There’s no denying that this process can be quite complex at times and will require the expertise of an experienced developer if you do not possess the requisite skills yourself. In teaming up with an experienced professional, you will heighten the chances that you'll find success from your design and ultimately make an impact on the application marketplace.
    Laying the Groundwork for Success 
    Freelancers are the perfect group to target when moving into the next stage of App design. In teaming up with an individual freelancer or group, there are a few factors both the client and the development side need to understand fully. Any deviation from these core competencies will result in poor performance and ultimately for success for the application.
  • 12 EDT
    Jul EDT
    There are many opportunities for freelancers in today’s marketplace. Many of the most successful freelancers rely heavily on repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertising. As a freelancer, if you can demonstrate to your client base that you are a professional in the level of service you deliver in addition to adding value whenever possible, you can ensure a consistent stream of repeat business from your client base. When striking it out on your own and developing your own service entity it’s important to bring something unique, useful, and valuable to your respective industry. If you are to set yourself apart from your competition and develop a client base of repeat customers, you have to undoubtedly understand your marketplace and how to differentiate yourself. There are a number of different methods that freelancers can use to satisfy existing clients and entice new clients to engage.
    The rapid increase in outsourcing and freelancing services on the Internet has created a sharp increase in the level of competition in the market. Many talented individuals have now put in a position to compete with other freelancers looking to fill their respective niche. From a customer perspective, this is an absolutely amazing time to find and hire a talented freelancer for a fraction of what it used to cost. With the level of competition today, many professionals are entertaining new customers and producing top quality work for their clients. One of the many benefits of freelancing is the partnership that is created during the process. So much of the business relationship relies on direct and effective communication. Top-performing freelancers have understood the necessity of staying in touch with their clients and keeping them engaged through newsletters, e-mail campaigns and even postcards in some instances.
  • 09 EDT
    Jul EDT
    In today’s marketplace, the Internet plays a dominating role in allowing businesses to promote themselves through Internet marketing and social media. In addition to this, a core business presence on the Internet requires the work and effort of a talented web designer. In order to become a proficient web designer, one must place a significant importance on understanding the core components that go into the job. Building websites is not easy and the services of qualified web designers are never cheap. Organizations rely heavily on talented web professionals to aid them in designing, managing, and regularly updating their websites. In order to differentiate yourself from the crowd and make your design talents as marketable as possible, it is important to understand what companies look for in a trained professional.

    Starting Out In The Land of Web Design

    If you are just beginning this career path it may seem rather daunting. Web development and design services can be both challenging and fun for the participants. A web designer is trusted with the keys to the Internet presence of a company. Organizations rely upon these individuals to provide a visual representation of their mission and, in most cases, their products. At every web designers core is the understanding of HTML and CSS. Today’s Internet landscape is essentially built upon these two programming languages and their essential for anyone who seeks a career in web design. There are countless numbers of other programming languages that are designed to accomplish different tasks. Designers can also learn the ins and outs of Wordpress as it is an extremely popular content management system for the Internet.
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