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Earning Extra Cash Through the Witmart Referral Program

by Kevin in Events & Announcements Freelancer Oct 29, 2012 EDT

Looking for some easy extra money today? continues to give back to the community of Witmart users by offering a new program to help them earn extra money. Called the Witmart Referral Program, the opportunity exists for Witmart users to refer friends, acquaintances, colleagues and others to the Witmart site to post and participate in bidding on jobs. In return for the help in spreading the word about Witmart, they will provide you with incentives and bonuses as your friends continue to sign up, post a job, or place a bid. It’s that easy!
logo design imageTo start, each Witmart member will need to sign up for the Witmart Referral program and agree to a contract stating Witmart’s terms of service. Once this is complete, you can begin informing friends of Witmart’s many professional services for small businesses and have them use the provided referral links when taking action on All the referral details are viewable in the Witmart Control Panel, enabling you to check your statistics in real-time mode so you’re always aware of your efforts.
Program Commission Structures:
Invite Employer

1) Job Post: – earn $5 when a new user signs up as an employer and posts a job
2) Job Reward – earn 7% commission on the job reward when the employer completes a job
3) Logo Purchase – earn $7 when a user purchases a logo at our ready-made logo store
Invite Provider

1) Job Income – earn 5% commission on the user's earning when a new user signs up as a provider and completes a job
2) Tip – earn 5% commission on the user's earning when he/she receives a tip
3) Gold Member – earn $5 when a new user signs up for a gold membership
Types of Witmart Referral Links
1) Text Link - Each Witmarteer in the Referral program is provided with a unique referral link. If this link is clicked on by a user and they take one of the previously mentioned actions, this will be considered a qualified referral.
2) Social Network Link – Witmart offers a handful of social media referral links that you can post on each of your social media pages to act as a referral. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail are all suitable social media outlets to place your referral link and send people to the Witmart home page to receive a commission.
3) Banner – Witmart offers a banner that can be used on your website or blog to promote Witmart’s services. They come in 6 different sizes to accommodate the ideal location on your site.
With the rising popularity of, it’s easy to earn through the Witmart Referral Program. Simply invite friends to participate and offer up your own experiences with Witmart as proof of your success. With excellent incentives, this is one referral program that should not be taken lightly. Witmart now has over 7 million professional freelancers all offering their special talents to provide you with a successful job outcome. Whether its a logo design competition or business translation services, you can count on your job postings to be taken care of with speed and efficiency and always pleased with the outcome.

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