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International Marketplace Provider Now Employs 7 Million Registered Users to Assist Small Business Professionals

by John.Lin in In the News Aug 16, 2013 EDT

HOUSTON, Texas (PRWEB) September 30, 2012 has recently crossed the 7 million registered user mark, setting them apart from their competitors by offering highly experienced freelancers to handle all of the business needs through the wealth of expertise from their freelancer base. The collection of 7 million users across both and their Chinese sister site,, provides employers with a wealth of experts highly educated in specific niches supplying results and outcomes for their business advancements.

With familiarity and ease of use from beginning to end, the Witmart website is available to employers for any type of non-physical service, including logo design, web design, marketing, advertising,translation services and writing, programming and more, all at a price you set. Witmart’s logo design contest yields results and feedback from contractors who marvel at the number of helpful logo designs. Witmart CEO Zhou Lei comments, “At Witmart we strive to be a one-stop shop for small business owners. We welcome the challenge as our 7 million freelancers have the necessary intelligence to go above and beyond the needs of business users each day. We aim to be the biggest international marketplace for non-physical goods and the only place businesses turn to when they have jobs to fill.”

Witmart’s logo design contest rules make it easy for any employer to post a job. Simply acknowledge the details and description of your requested logo, allow multiple providers to submit their designs, and only pay for the result that best meets your needs. If no logo designs meet the requirements set by the employer, any prepaid money is refunded 100% every time, no questions asked. For added protection, Witmart employs only high quality providers in their marketplace by conducting Identity Verification through email or a phone conversation. A new level of Elite providers requires full Provider Certification.

Witmart ‘s goal across cyberspace is to become the #1 provider of services that business professionals turn to when they require both small and large projects to be fulfilled each and every time services are needed.

More information about Witmart’s services can be found at:


Operated by ZBJ Network, Inc., is an internet marketplace and workplace for non-physical products including professional services, designs and digital goods. Together, and make up the largest crowdsourcing website with over 7 million registered users. The website provides a unique and innovative platform were employers can post their service requirements and freelancers can bid for job opportunities by posting their qualifications and proposals. With identity verification and a money back guarantee, provides the best solution to securely and easily complete projects and their transactions.


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