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Now Offering Instant Access to Custom Logos From Our Logo Store

by Kevin in Events & Announcements Business Oct 24, 2012 EDT

We’re excited to announce our recently opened ready-made logo store to help customers find a logo that fits perfectly into their business brand and helps get them started on the right track for their company. We aim to be a one stop shop of services, helping businesses succeed at a fraction of the cost versus anywhere else on the web.
We are offering an alternative to our logo design contest in which our new and exciting logo design store gives businesses the opportunity to buy a professional custom logo within minutes. Businesses can browse thousands of logos and anticipate new logos to appear regularly. For business owners short on time or unable to review multiple designs submitted through a logo design contest, it’s easy to find a suitable logo through our online marketplace.
For $59, businesses can select a logo that suits their business venture accurately and request customization that includes the addition of their business name and small edits to tags, borders, and color and text changes. The designer of the logo will put the finishing touches on the logo per the edit request and email the buyer the new customized logo for no extra charge. The owner of the logo is eligible to request as many revisions as necessary until they are completely satisfied with the purchase. If the purchased and/or customized logo does not meet the buyer’s high standards, a 100% money back guarantee will be provided.
In direct accordance with our unique design guarantee, any business owner who purchases a logo from our logo store will automatically remove the design from its available status and award complete ownership to buyer. This means once it is sold, the logo is not available for purchase again. The buyer receives exclusive copyright of the logo and full intellectual property to do as they please. The buyer can expect to receive industry standard PNG and EPS files to use for screen and print situations.
“We are excited about the opportunities our logo store offers to the small businesses that depend on us for assistance,” says Zhou Lei, Witmart CEO. “The store gives the small business owner fast options without making them go through the logo design contest process which can overwhelm particularly busy individuals. This option gives them fast and quick results in mere minutes to get their business rolling.”
For a limited time, we are offering individuals and small businesses a brand new logo for just $59. As a supplier of all professional services for businesses in every facet, the flexibility we offer to choose a logo from thousands of listings in our online marketplace is refreshing and makes sense for businesses running a tight ship.
More information about Witmart’s logo design store can be found at:

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