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Our Four New Logo Design Packages Ready For Your Business Needs

by Kevin in Events & Announcements Business Oct 31, 2012 EDT

We’re moving full steam ahead at Witmart and it’s an exciting time to be a small business owner with the opportunity to choose from four new logo design packages that is in alignment with their goals. The new packages put Witmart at the leading edge of the industry for value and choice for logo design work. We take pride in being known as a one-stop shop for all professional freelance services that offers flexible options to businesses that need quick and reliable results.
By providing small businesses with four different logo design packages, we are able to give business them the flexibility to shop on a budget or receive premium service, and everywhere in-between. This means businesses aren’t forced to spend aggressively, yet ones that require assistance or want the maximum number of logos can opt for the highest-level logo design package offered. The ability to choose gives owners ultimate flexibility.
Each logo design package we offer provides value at the given price point with an increasing number of guaranteed designers participating in your design contest. For just $99, the Economic package assures each business will receive at least 15 logo designers working on their logo design offering a minimum of 20 designs. Businesses can request unlimited revisions and can expect a unique design guarantee with their purchase. For $199, we offer the Value package guaranteeing at least 35 designers and a minimum of 40 designs as part of their promise. The same unlimited revisions and unique design guarantee qualifies here, and a dedicated account manager is available for any concerns that arise.
When a business is looking for a higher number of designs to choose from, they can opt for the Professional package or Premium package, costing $349 and $549, respectively. The Professional package assures each business at least 50 designers and 60 designs while the Premium package guarantees 65 designers and 80 designs. Each of these packages offers unlimited revisions, a unique design guarantee, a dedicated account manager, and certified designers working on the logo request. For complete coverage, the Premium package provides homepage promotion for their logo design job and special business card design as part of the total package price in order to receive the best publicity, attention and value.
“Witmart is thrilled to offer our new logo design packages that incorporate the different levels of needs small businesses have. All businesses are not created equal so providing different price point options made the most sense,” says Zhou Lei, Witmart CEO. “We received enough feedback from our clients to implement these four packages, and it’s very easy to see we offer the best prices in the market based on what the customer is receiving.”
Regardless of the logo design package chosen, each business owner is backed unconditionally by a remarkable Customer Satisfaction guarantee and a Money Back guarantee to offer assurance when they post their logo design job. Each logo design submitted is designed with care, creativity, and uniqueness offering the employer the most value for their money.
More information about Witmart’s logo design packages can be found at:

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