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    Across all walks of life the idea of throwing as few dollars as possible at a job or service to solve your issue has been contemplated. You cross your fingers and hope you will be fortunate enough to have everything work out in your favor. Truth is, sometimes it does but more times than not if you continue paying with pennies instead dollars, the percentages will not be on your side. This logic holds true for creating your very own website and purchasing content through article writing services. There’s the notion that some of the content you order using a cheap content provider will work out if you’re lucky enough to rope in a half decent writer. But in the grand scheme, it’s only a matter of time before you become disappointed in the work being delivered and realize it’s time to step up to the next level.
    Building a Website
    To build an engaging blog or website, the number one factor behind the success is the content. You’ve heard the term ‘content is king’. This couldn’t be more true. When you’re posting your content online, envision the first impression you’re making on your community of readers. First impressions are important and the ability to blow them away with off-the-charts content is what will keep them on your site, commit to your content through your RSS feed, or bookmark your site for future reference.

    On the flip side, poor content is a dead giveaway and will kill your audience before they have a chance to navigate further throughout your site. Even if you have great content elsewhere, don’t let a smidge of poor content appear anywhere on your site, as readers will disassociate from your site and never return. Engage, engage, engage.
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    Many online marketplaces promise to supply small businesses with solutions that will take their start-up company from zero to sixty in no time flat. However, these smart businesses know better than to rely on marketplaces that don’t have a solid footing or a foundation that supports multiple professional services. is a strong online workplace for non-physical products that can truly handle multiple services within their platform. Armed with 7 million registered users, along with Chinese sister site, offer promising logo design, web design, translation, writing, and sales and marketing services to small businesses to help them achieve their goals.
    The vast wealth of knowledge and support amongst the large number of freelancers helps separate them from other online marketplace competitors. Employers routinely receive multiple bids on projects to help them succeed. Witmart’s goal is not for small businesses to outsource just one aspect of their business, but to have the company become ingrained in the Witmart brand and improve their business by posting several jobs to simplify their needs. This allows the business to move forward faster and for less than it would cost to hire full time employees. This type of action is common among small businesses that use Witmart.
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    At ZBJ Network, Inc., we're excited to announce an exciting milestone this week as we've reached a combined 7 million registered users between our two freelance services websites, and This achievement makes us the largest online crowdsourcing service market for freelance experts skilled in logo design, website design, writing and translation services, and more, which is certainly something we are very proud of.
    Together, Witmart and ZBJ provide employers and providers with the most reliable crowdsourcing marketplace to post and find jobs. We have over 7 million users with skills from varying industries willing to provide and bid on jobs daily through our unique and innovative platform. Our two freelance sites focus on individual and business users for both professional and everyday services and provide the best solution to securely and easily complete work while coordinating transactions with our advanced internet-based technology.

    We have made it easy for employers to post either a contract or contest job for providers to compete on. Through a contest job, employers have the luxury of getting multiple bids and choosing the one that fits their requirements best. Through a contract job, employers can narrow providers based on the qualifications they possess, including feedback, job history, and job completion date. Employers only pay when the job has been completed to their satisfaction.
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    It’s the goal of every business, big or small, to attract customers and make as much money as humanly possible. It’s a very basic premise, but one that can generally only be achieved by some solid marketing. While the end goals may be the same, the marketing strategies of big and small business are completely different. It goes without saying that a small business simply doesn’t have the advertising budget of the big names, which means they have to find ways to get the word out without breaking the bank. Here are a few ways that the small business can effectively market their products and services to the consumer.
    Many small business owners start their company after many years with a larger entity, but the first thing they have to understand is that they can’t market like big companies. Often times, bigger businesses advertise in order to build name recognition, but as a small business owner you have to be concerned with attracting customers immediately. The best way to do that is to offer a discount or promotion of some sort within your ads.
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    As an owner of over 7 million registered users on the top crowdsourcing site on the Internet, nothing brings us more joy than to announce three solid guarantees for our expert translation services that we offer to the employers of small businesses. This includes no-questions asked refund, guaranteed employer satisfaction, and a less than twenty-four hour turnaround time.
    We have recently launched a revolutionary translation services model as part of our commitment to offer a one-stop shop of solutions in effort to eliminate the need to request quotes from translation agencies. With over 100,000 highly skilled translators in over 10 languages throughout the world, we possess all the necessary talent to handle translation needs through our state-of-the-art website. Nowadays, employers are recognizing through the safe handling of all of their small business needs, we can also be relied on to address their translation requests which includes three main guarantees.
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    When it comes to crowdsourcing, this new wave of thinking can be an innovative way for companies to get a headstart while not spending too much on a certain talent pool of employees. Crowdsourcing is the outsourcing of company directives to the public at large. It is great for small businesses because there is no need to worry about employee hiring or certain demands in higher compensation and wages. Crowdsourcing does not require any pension plans, unions, 401ks or other potential issues that will provide a distraction as companies are debuting to the public. A small business can focus on serious business matters while being able to expand and enhance their brand.
    Opportunity for Individuals to Assist Businesses
    Outsourcing jobs to the public also gives people a chance to do some extra work while not having to go through a rigid hiring process. Individuals can make money by giving opinions, brainstorming, or voting and companies that contract the public to do work for them are providing a new way that people can be earn. It is a simple and direct way of getting work accomplished while being able to give quick job opportunities and money to the larger population. More companies are realizing that it is cheaper to outsource their jobs and projects to people who otherwise may not have had a chance if they went through a normal hiring process.
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    We are thrilled to announce the details surrounding our new logo design contest assurance program that rightfully ensures businesses receive enough logo designs to help them choose a winner, all for no extra fee. We do everything in our power to expand our list of professional services giving small businesses the opportunity to fulfill all of their business needs in our marketplace.
    Today we have a new opportunity for small businesses to be guaranteed a certain number of designers submitting a design for their unique logo design needs. Called the Witmart-Assurance Contest, for no additional fee, our employers can be assured they will receive at least 35 designers working on their logo based on the reward of their logo design job. At present, we are the only crowdsourcing site that offers this guarantee to businesses and individuals alike.

    The details of the Witmart-Assurance program work like this: As an employer goes through the logo design process, an opportunity to ensure the number of designers working on their logo is given via a checkbox. If selected, employers will receive a certain number of different designers working on their logo. The number of designers depends on the logo design package purchased. The Value package costing $199 will ensure the employer a minimum of 35 designers. A Standard package costing $349 will ensure the employer 50 designers or more, while the Professional package retailing at $549 will guarantee the employer receives at least 65 designers.
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    Web design refers to the development, creation and overall flow of your website. It involves technical and innovative aspects for ease of use along with useful and helpful information meant to support the end user. Most business owners who have websites to market their products and services hire web designers to make sure creating a pleasing, attractive and effective web design is achieved. When a website design is both attractive and effective, it can drive more visitors and keep them on your site in an effort to make a purchase or request information. 

    A professional web designer can model, design, construct and execute each and every important element of design in the website with success. This includes graphics, tags, images, pages, content and more. Finding the right web design for your niche will give you an upper hand in your market, allowing more traffic to come to your site in the form of referrals through the world of social media.

    There are many professional freelancers specializing in web design and acquiring this type of help is considered the best way to have a website that is SEO friendly, attractive and professional. The old cliche says some things are better off left to experts in their field. With a well-designed, easy to navigate website, it has become easier for the customers to make their way through the content and keep them on your site longer. This also enables them to find the key information they are searching for on your website.
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    The notion of becoming a freelancer and receiving all perks that come with working for yourself is exciting. The flexibility, freedom, and ability to work when you want is an appealing part of becoming a freelance expert. However, in most cases that is where the rewards end. Freelancers are constantly challenged with finding their niche in the marketplace because there are thousands of individuals seeking the same opportunities. How can one stand apart from the rest and rise to the top of their class?
    Outworking the competition is the key component in competing in the freelance market. Whether you’re a logo designer, translator, article writer or programmer, there will always be challenges to be the best. Just starting out with little or no experience, one is forced to wonder how to secure their initial freelance job. Small businesses look for freelancers with experience, but without anyone offering a newcomer work, how does one gain experience?
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    Thousands of new businesses are formed each month and if you’re one of these new businesses, it’s likely you’ve had the difficult task of coming up with a name for your company. While on the surface this may not be one of the topics that keeps new owners lying awake at night, choosing a business name is a vital aspect of forming a business and is what many consumers will judge you upon when deciding to shop for goods or services. It isn’t uncommon for companies to waffle over the perfect name for theirbusiness for months.

    One problem is with so many companies already formed you may find that every name you want is taken and coming up with another suitable name is a monumental task. However, through the power of the Internet, many companies are taking on input from knowledgeable freelancers to help decide on a business name through a concept known as Crowdsourcing.
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