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The Correct Way to Advertise Your Small Business

by Kevin in Business Oct 11, 2012 EDT

For many entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses, advertising is a key factor in the success of the organization. Sadly, there are many business owners who treat new advertising opportunities as an afterthought. This couldn’t be more detrimental to the health of a company. In order for organizations to succeed in these economic times it is absolutely essential that they understand the correct way to advertise their small businesses. In doing so, it is also prudent to ensure that they do not overspend on their advertising budgets. Thankfully today there are numerous opportunities in various forms of media that will allow small businesses to almost directly compete with larger and more recognizable brands. Ultimately, the overall goal of any small businesses is to effectively advertise without wasting capital on their marketing efforts.
Quite possibly the most damaging mistake for small businesses is to overextend their advertising budgets. While many do not conduct due diligence in market research to ensure that they are spending money on the most impactful medium, successful small business advertising really comes down to understanding your target market. Many companies tend to try to run the largest and brightest colored ads in an effort to create an eye-catching engagement for potential customers. While in some mediums this may have a desired effect, placing an ad such as this in the wrong context will ultimately turn into a waste of money. For small businesses to truly understand the effectiveness of their advertising the must effectively track the success of a campaign. In keeping detailed records on the success of a marketing effort, it will allow the organization to quickly take action if their efforts do not produce results. While this may sound overly simplistic it is important for any marketer to understand the importance of proper A/B testing.
Another area that small business needs to explore is the opportunity that they have to shift from a sales-based advertisement more of a lead generation approach. In doing so you’re not enticing the customer to buy, however, you are prospecting for their contact details. From this you can effectively build a mailing list and keep in contact with these individuals over time. In today’s interconnected marketplace, having a strong customer base and a strong e-mail list can result in numerous opportunities for your organization to conduct effective e-mail marketing. This is as simple as turning away from call to action ads asking customers and potential clients to buy and focusing on informational-based ads that will entice customers to engage with your company. Many small businesses have seen success in following this approach as they also have an opportunity to offer free gifts or additional information to their prospects. By demonstrating to your customers up front that you and your organization are out to add value, you will have a much easier time ultimately converting your prospects into new customers. So for small businesses, it is important to always test your market and be prepared to make adjustments if you do not achieve the desired results.

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