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Thousands of Businesses are Finding Success with Witmart.coms Logo Design Contest

by John.Lin in In the News Aug 23, 2013 EDT

Small business owners are discovering how easy and affordable it is to reach thousands of freelancers through’s logo design contest.


The increasing popularity of’s logo design contest demonstrates that the crowdsourcing company is at the leading edge of supplying small business owners with affordable logo designs.


Many small businesses, at one time or another, require some graphic design work for either their website or a logo to present their unique brand. These needs are sometimes too few and far between to create a permanent position; however still necessary to the growth and presence of the company. With this in consideration, has provided a secure online marketplace for employers to host logo design contests for graphic design providers across the world to submit their design concept and pit it against other providers in the field.


“We strive to give our customers more value than any of our competitors. Logo design contests begin at $99 – the best value available,” says Zhou Lei, CEO of “We not only provide an instant access to one of the largest talent pools of designers. We’re also fully committed to making sure each customer receives all the help they need to get a logo they’ll love, and get a head start on their business by providing one-on-one assistance to every customer.”


Small business owners on a budget can use the logo design contest to generate a variety of design prospects for a low cost. Instead of working with a single designer and attempting to develop a logo from only one perspective, provides a space for employers to generate a large amount of designs and concepts from different providers for the price of one. Once the design is selected, they can then have the image edited for a higher level of customization. And with their money back guarantee, it is practically risk-free.


When an employer posts a logo design contest to, they submit a description of the desired logo, including style, color, size, file type, and other preferences. The award amount is then set and prepaid for by the employer. Once the contest guidelines are set and award funded, the contest will post. Once posted, the employer can expect to receive unique and high-quality images from freelance designers, each with a different variation of the specifications listed. For an even more customized approach, business owners are able to message designers to request edits to designs they’re interested in. After selecting the winning the design, employers will receive the final design product and copyright.


All images are guaranteed to be unique and original. The team at will perform a detailed assessment of each design submitted to ensure it’s up to the standards of the business owner. If the contest closes and no designs meet the expectations of the employer, will release the funds associated with the contest for a full refund.


For more information about’s logo design contest, visit or contact: 

CEO, Zhou Lei 
ZBJ Network, Inc. 

About, operated by ZBJ Network, Inc., is an internet marketplace and workplace for non-physical products, including service, designs, and digital goods. Together with our sister-website in China (, we are the largest crowdsourcing website with over 6 million registered users.


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