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  • 26 EDT
    Nov EDT
    by Kevin in
    Wherever you choose to go on your daily routine, you are sure to be bombarded with advertising messages from companies trying to tempt you with their sweet products or services. With so many different messages flashed in front of your face, many of which are advertising a variant of something else you saw two minutes before, it can become all too easy to get confused. An advertising jingle or slogan might stick in your head, but more often than not, you forget who it was that placed it there. That is where the business logo comes in to play, as they are far easier to remember than anything else. Mention a slogan and people will rack their brains trying to remember who it belongs to, but show them a logo and the name will come right to mind.
    Modifying Your Logo to Match Current Times

    There is a great deal of time and thought put into choosing the right logo for your business, but that doesn't mean that it’s one that will necessarily last forever. Major corporations are constantly tweaking or changing their logo’s, often times to go with a sleeker look, or something that will appeal to a new customer demographic. Some changes are subtle, while others are a complete overhaul, but the fact that these major corporations change their business logos should tell you that it might be time to look at your own.
  • 31 EDT
    Oct EDT
    by Kevin in
    We’re moving full steam ahead at Witmart and it’s an exciting time to be a small business owner with the opportunity to choose from four new logo design packages that is in alignment with their goals. The new packages put Witmart at the leading edge of the industry for value and choice for logo design work. We take pride in being known as a one-stop shop for all professional freelance services that offers flexible options to businesses that need quick and reliable results.
    By providing small businesses with four different logo design packages, we are able to give business them the flexibility to shop on a budget or receive premium service, and everywhere in-between. This means businesses aren’t forced to spend aggressively, yet ones that require assistance or want the maximum number of logos can opt for the highest-level logo design package offered. The ability to choose gives owners ultimate flexibility.
  • 17 EDT
    Oct EDT
    by Kevin in
    For a limited time, we’re thrilled to offer $20 off any new logo design job and we feel our logo design service is paramount to others based on the fact we offer three iron clad guarantees surrounding our service: a firm 100% money back guarantee, your expectations will be met or exceeded, and the promise of a unique design.
    We take pride in offering professional and affordable logo design contests for employers who want the best creative design results. We like to consider ourselves as a one stop shop of solutions for all small businesses with an impressive staff of over 7 million freelancers aiming to meet expectations each and every time. We provide these sets of guarantees for each logo design job to protect the employer and provide a risk-free environment to post a logo design job.
  • 05 EDT
    Nov EDT
    by Kevin in
    Establishing a brand for your business is an important element in starting your business off right. Considering many consumers base a portion of their buying decisions on first impressions, having a logo that excites and builds trust is paramount and must be taken seriously. Businesses working with a tight budget and a finite amount of time to get their business of the ground many not have the luxury of spending weeks hashing out specs with a logo design firm, nor the amount of money it would take to have a custom logo created to their specifications.
    Fortunately, has filled this gap in the logo design industry by launching their ready-made logo store with exciting logo designs that gives everyone an opportunity to buy a logo in mere minutes. It also acts as a quick alternative to their logo design contests, which can offer many creative designs made exclusively to match your specifications, but may take longer than you have to make a decision.
  • 19 EDT
    Sep EDT
    by Kevin in
    We are thrilled to announce the details surrounding our new logo design contest assurance program that rightfully ensures businesses receive enough logo designs to help them choose a winner, all for no extra fee. We do everything in our power to expand our list of professional services giving small businesses the opportunity to fulfill all of their business needs in our marketplace.
    Today we have a new opportunity for small businesses to be guaranteed a certain number of designers submitting a design for their unique logo design needs. Called the Witmart-Assurance Contest, for no additional fee, our employers can be assured they will receive at least 35 designers working on their logo based on the reward of their logo design job. At present, we are the only crowdsourcing site that offers this guarantee to businesses and individuals alike.

    The details of the Witmart-Assurance program work like this: As an employer goes through the logo design process, an opportunity to ensure the number of designers working on their logo is given via a checkbox. If selected, employers will receive a certain number of different designers working on their logo. The number of designers depends on the logo design package purchased. The Value package costing $199 will ensure the employer a minimum of 35 designers. A Standard package costing $349 will ensure the employer 50 designers or more, while the Professional package retailing at $549 will guarantee the employer receives at least 65 designers.
  • 20 EDT
    Aug EDT
    by Kevin in
    A brand logo is one of the most important focal points of any business enterprise. Having an identifiable logo is a quick way to get brand recognition and ultimately put an identifiable representation of your company into the marketplace. Think for a moment about some of the more recognizable companies and you will see that there are simple yet effective logos attached to their marketing efforts. Be it the McDonald’s arches or even the simplistic Apple logo, these company representations are recognized worldwide. Regardless of the language their image is a universal means of company recognition. Any organization that is serious about truly building a widely recognizable brand should focus on having a carefully designed yet effective logo. Here are some of the top five reasons why a brand logo matters.
    1. Give an appearance of greater size
    There really is no excuse for any organization to not have a logo. Typically a logo will be one of the things that quickly differentiate and distinguish large organizations from smaller ones. Large organizations understand the importance of brand recognition and will take time and energy to ensure that company materials including letterhead and envelopes represent a unified look. Typically the focal point of this marketing material will be the logo and how it is further incorporated into these items. Smaller organizations have a fantastic opportunity to mimic this with the proliferation of low-cost printing options available online today.

    2. Product memorability
    It goes without saying that a creative logo that fits your organization’s brand and message will be one of the best ways to gain brand recognition. Your logo speaks to what you do and what your company represents. People will see this image and instantly form an opinion in their mind. It is up to the company to ensure that that opinion is a positive one.
  • 06 EDT
    Aug EDT
    by Kevin in
    New professional logo design service packages are now available to small businesses looking for a custom-made logo design courtesy of our freelance site,, the top internet crowdsourcing marketplace for non-physical products and services. For an affordable price, small business owners may host a logo design contest, choose from the many high-quality custom designs received, and award the logo they like best.
    With the new professional design service packages, small business owners can create a logo design contest with specific design requirements, choose the reward amount, set a time limit, prepay for the reward, and then post the job on our site. During the bidding period of the contest, designers will submit designs based on the contest’s job requirements. We encourage contest holders to provide continual feedback to ensure they receive a design they love. Once the logo is picked, the logo designer will receive the award.
  • 30 EDT
    Jul EDT
    by Kevin in
    A concise and professionally designed logo it is a vital component regardless of the size of your business. Often times many entities tend to overlook this gravely important Branding component. When it comes to branding, nothing says more about business than their logo. It is essential to distribute the brand message and help identify the company. If you wonder what the right logo can do for your business, you have to understand that this is an extremely powerful marketing tool that will separate your company from the competition and make you highly identifiable to your customer base. Without words, a well-designed logo will be the only thing delivering your brand message. Considerable attention needs to be paid to the creation of this artwork.
    In determining what features the logo should possess, organizations must have an open mind and primarily focus on what they want this identifier to represent. The best logo for your organization should portray the its own uniqueness while being easily recognizable. This is easily accomplished by combining eye-catching characteristics and even through the use of the appropriate colors without being too flashy. When it comes to logo design freelancers, they tend to take it a step further and even involve the mathematics behind the design and implementation of company logos.
  • 14 EDT
    May EDT
    by Kevin in
    Are you up for being flooded with high quality drawings and spectacular custom logos for your new business? When an employer chooses as their service provider, they are not just hunting for one provider to attend to their logo design needs. In fact, over 6 million registered users from Witmart and their sister site can all take a crack at your logo design job to provide you with multiple bids to meet your high expectations. The best part? It won’t cost you a dime.
 has long been established in China, and their bond with Witmart makes them the largest crowdsourcing site on the Internet. The pool of talent is so large that it’s not uncommon to end up with hundreds of incredible logo designs to choose from. Employers opt to choose contest jobs over contract jobs because designs can be created lightning quick and typically don’t span across a set number of days or weeks. Contest jobs are completed quickly so you aren’t faced with an agonizing wait for your logo design to be finished from a single contract job provider.
  • 09 EDT
    May EDT
    by Kevin in
    Witmart employs some of the most talented freelance logo designers stationed in all parts of the world ready to take on your logo design needs at a moment’s notice. When a new logo design job is posted with clear, concise and specific instructions, it isn’t unusual to see multiple providers sending you creative concepts that hit the mark within hours of your post. These instructions are well thought out and explain precisely what you’re looking for in a logo design service.
    On the flip side, while there are many logo design jobs posted with enough detail for a provider to act on, there are others that don’t give the provider much structure to be able to pump out a well-deserved design. While the perfect image stands out clearly in the employer’s head, the words to describe the logo have not translated to the logo design description. One-line job postings will not yield the result you anticipated and could further discourage you. The following are a few simple ways to put your thoughts into words to give the providers as much information as possible when posting a custom logo design job.

    Tell The Providers Who You Are

    A short introduction and background about your company can go a long way. If you’re looking for a logo design about your Landscaping Company, give them the name of your business and your location so they can incorporate part of your name and/or state into the logo.
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