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  • 29 EDT
    Aug EDT
    by John.Lin in, with over 7 million registered users making them the biggest crowdsourcing site on the Internet, presents four new logo design packages for businesses to choose from that puts them at the leading edge of the industry for value and choice. Known as a one-stop shop for all professional freelance services, Witmart offers flexible options to businesses that need quick and reliable results.
  • 19 EDT
    Nov EDT
    by Kevin in
    There are countless people who feel as though their talents are being somewhat stifled in a traditional work environment. That may explain why so many people dream of being their own boss and doing what it is they love on their own schedule. That’s what the world of freelancing is about, but it seldom works out the way people imagined in when they sat daydreaming in their work cubicle. Making the move from traditional job to full-time freelancer is one that can be fraught with peril, with many who make that move quickly learning some very hard lessons.
    The first difference that becomes immediately apparent is that you won’t show up to your new job with work waiting for you. As a freelancer expert it’s up to you to get out there and sell your talents. You can’t just sit by the computer and wait for the work to roll in; you have to go and find it. This is often where another problem arises, as you are often forced to wait an incredible amount of time before being told whether you have landed the gig or not. It’s a tough market out there, no matter what industry you are in, and the people that make the decisions want to make sure they are aligning themselves with the right candidate.
  • 22 EDT
    Oct EDT
    by Kevin in
    Thanks to the proliferation of technology, businessmen and women now have a tremendous opportunity to tap into resources like never before. The global reach of services like Witmart has allowed entrepreneurs to outsource all of their professional freelance services needs. In doing so, they have ultimately tapped into an invaluableresource of cost-effective labor. Ask any successful businessperson and they will tell you, labor costs can be absolutely devastating to your ultimate bottom line. Having these services available now give small businesses and startup projects the opportunity to recruit and hire highly qualified individuals to perform even the most complicated of tasks. To take things a step further, services like Witmart have even been leveraged to provide individuals with a virtual assistant for their day-to-day tasks. Many individuals will hire a virtual assistant to help them schedule meetings, respond to e-mail, and even book flight and dinner reservations. The possibilities are endless and we will continue to see a clear shift in productivity thanks to these services.
  • 01 EDT
    Sep EDT
    by Kevin in
    We like to think we offer many advantages within our crowdsourcing marketplace that helps employers make the decision to come here for work to be completed. The collection of 7 million users across both and our Chinese sister site,, provides employers with a wealth of experts highly educated in specific niches supplying excellent results and outcomes for their business advancements.
    With familiarity and ease of use from beginning to end, our website appeals greatly to employers looking to post a job. We make ourselves available to employers for any type of non-physical service, including design, website development, marketing, advertising, translation and writing, programming and more, all at a price you set. Our logo design contest yields results and feedback from contractors who marvel at the number of helpful logo designs. CEO Zhou Lei comments, “At Witmart we strive to be a one-stop shop for small business owners. We welcome the challenge as our 7 million freelancers have the necessary intelligence to go above and beyond the needs of business users each day. We aim to be the biggest international marketplace for non-physical goods and the only place businesses turn to when they have jobs to fill.”
  • 20 EDT
    Sep EDT
    by Kevin in
    When it comes to crowdsourcing, this new wave of thinking can be an innovative way for companies to get a headstart while not spending too much on a certain talent pool of employees. Crowdsourcing is the outsourcing of company directives to the public at large. It is great for small businesses because there is no need to worry about employee hiring or certain demands in higher compensation and wages. Crowdsourcing does not require any pension plans, unions, 401ks or other potential issues that will provide a distraction as companies are debuting to the public. A small business can focus on serious business matters while being able to expand and enhance their brand.
    Opportunity for Individuals to Assist Businesses
    Outsourcing jobs to the public also gives people a chance to do some extra work while not having to go through a rigid hiring process. Individuals can make money by giving opinions, brainstorming, or voting and companies that contract the public to do work for them are providing a new way that people can be earn. It is a simple and direct way of getting work accomplished while being able to give quick job opportunities and money to the larger population. More companies are realizing that it is cheaper to outsource their jobs and projects to people who otherwise may not have had a chance if they went through a normal hiring process.
  • 13 EDT
    Sep EDT
    by Kevin in
    The notion of becoming a freelancer and receiving all perks that come with working for yourself is exciting. The flexibility, freedom, and ability to work when you want is an appealing part of becoming a freelance expert. However, in most cases that is where the rewards end. Freelancers are constantly challenged with finding their niche in the marketplace because there are thousands of individuals seeking the same opportunities. How can one stand apart from the rest and rise to the top of their class?
    Outworking the competition is the key component in competing in the freelance market. Whether you’re a logo designer, translator, article writer or programmer, there will always be challenges to be the best. Just starting out with little or no experience, one is forced to wonder how to secure their initial freelance job. Small businesses look for freelancers with experience, but without anyone offering a newcomer work, how does one gain experience?
  • 24 EDT
    Sep EDT
    by Kevin in
    At ZBJ Network, Inc., we're excited to announce an exciting milestone this week as we've reached a combined 7 million registered users between our two freelance services websites, and This achievement makes us the largest online crowdsourcing service market for freelance experts skilled in logo design, website design, writing and translation services, and more, which is certainly something we are very proud of.
    Together, Witmart and ZBJ provide employers and providers with the most reliable crowdsourcing marketplace to post and find jobs. We have over 7 million users with skills from varying industries willing to provide and bid on jobs daily through our unique and innovative platform. Our two freelance sites focus on individual and business users for both professional and everyday services and provide the best solution to securely and easily complete work while coordinating transactions with our advanced internet-based technology.

    We have made it easy for employers to post either a contract or contest job for providers to compete on. Through a contest job, employers have the luxury of getting multiple bids and choosing the one that fits their requirements best. Through a contract job, employers can narrow providers based on the qualifications they possess, including feedback, job history, and job completion date. Employers only pay when the job has been completed to their satisfaction.
  • 27 EDT
    Aug EDT
    by Kevin in
    It’s pretty much a given that the only way a business can succeed is if they get enough customers to benefit from their services. What often gets lost in that thought process is taking care of the customers that you already have as well as constantly chasing new ones. This is especially true with online businesses where a single individual might be running the whole show behind the scenes. It’s hard to do it all alone and expect to succeed, which is why outsourcing work is a great way to let you focus on what you do well. Here are 5 approaches a business can use to get their people to work on in order to keep existing customers coming back for more while they set about building a bigger client base.
    1. Create an e-mail list
    Getting people to opt-in for newsletters and weekly emails is a great way to keep in touch and let them know what you are doing in your business. A great way to get those that are signed up interested in new products and services is to deliver a newsletter that is interesting and fun to read. They can describe what is new with their business, promote upcoming products, or inform of an event or upcoming contest. That is definitely a job that can be outsourced relatively cheaply, but which can also be incredibly effective.
  • 16 EDT
    Aug EDT
    by Kevin in
    Using contract workers and freelancers isn’t necessarily a practice that is new in business, but it’s one that has certainly become more popular in recent years. While much of that has to do with the ease of hiring people online, it also is a sign of the times. More and more companies are looking at ways to remain productive while making necessary cuts to the operating budget. Often times the best way to do just that is to look at hiring freelancers for jobs that don’t necessarily require a full-time member on staff.

    Obvious Benefits To Use Freelancers

    There are obvious advantages to using freelance workers that go beyond just the financial, although that’s usually where it all begins. There is no need to pay overtime, vacation or sick days, as well as a host of other employee benefits that are standard with full-time employees. It is often that alone which convinces employers to go the freelancer route, but there are also other savings to be had, some of which may not even occur to employers. For example, if someone is needed to work on the company website every now and again, the employer would still have to pay for the expensive software that is required for designing. The fact that the freelancer already has their own software can cut out the need for that particular purchase.
  • 09 EDT
    Aug EDT
    by Kevin in
    Working with a freelancer is a serious business relationship that should be treated as such. As you find an accomplished freelancer to assist you in your business operations, it’s important that you identify an individual who will bring unique strengths and a different perspective to your business. In order to maximize the effectiveness of this business relationship, you will always need to remember that communication is key when dealing with your selected professional. Here are five expectations from the freelancer you hire.
    Adequate professionalism

    While your business is important to you, the same cannot be said for all freelancers. It is important to identify the level of professionalism displayed by your potential candidates prior to bringing them on board to assist you. Professionalism is extremely important and encompasses many different areas such as punctuality, proper communication and quality of work. Judging the level of professionalism being displayed by your freelancer will be dependent upon your unique business needs however there are always core components to look for, one of these being punctuality.
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