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  • 01 EDT
    Sep EDT
    by Kevin in
    We like to think we offer many advantages within our crowdsourcing marketplace that helps employers make the decision to come here for work to be completed. The collection of 7 million users across both and our Chinese sister site,, provides employers with a wealth of experts highly educated in specific niches supplying excellent results and outcomes for their business advancements.
    With familiarity and ease of use from beginning to end, our website appeals greatly to employers looking to post a job. We make ourselves available to employers for any type of non-physical service, including design, website development, marketing, advertising, translation and writing, programming and more, all at a price you set. Our logo design contest yields results and feedback from contractors who marvel at the number of helpful logo designs. CEO Zhou Lei comments, “At Witmart we strive to be a one-stop shop for small business owners. We welcome the challenge as our 7 million freelancers have the necessary intelligence to go above and beyond the needs of business users each day. We aim to be the biggest international marketplace for non-physical goods and the only place businesses turn to when they have jobs to fill.”
  • 20 EDT
    Sep EDT
    by Kevin in
    When it comes to crowdsourcing, this new wave of thinking can be an innovative way for companies to get a headstart while not spending too much on a certain talent pool of employees. Crowdsourcing is the outsourcing of company directives to the public at large. It is great for small businesses because there is no need to worry about employee hiring or certain demands in higher compensation and wages. Crowdsourcing does not require any pension plans, unions, 401ks or other potential issues that will provide a distraction as companies are debuting to the public. A small business can focus on serious business matters while being able to expand and enhance their brand.
    Opportunity for Individuals to Assist Businesses
    Outsourcing jobs to the public also gives people a chance to do some extra work while not having to go through a rigid hiring process. Individuals can make money by giving opinions, brainstorming, or voting and companies that contract the public to do work for them are providing a new way that people can be earn. It is a simple and direct way of getting work accomplished while being able to give quick job opportunities and money to the larger population. More companies are realizing that it is cheaper to outsource their jobs and projects to people who otherwise may not have had a chance if they went through a normal hiring process.
  • 30 EDT
    Aug EDT
    by Kevin in
    If you ask the average nine-to-five worker where they would like to be in five or ten years you’d probably hear quite of few of them say that they would love to start their own business. Being your own boss is great, but there are many pitfalls along the way that can bring your dreams to a grinding halt very quickly. Oddly enough, many of the mistakes that are made seem to occur over and over again, with new business owners seemingly unable or unwilling to learn from the mistakes that were made by those who have gone before them. Here are 5 mistakes that seem to always rear their ugly head.
    1. No business plan
    Operating a brick and mortar business usually means have a plan in place before you can secure any kind of financing. Online business owners seem to think that doesn’t apply to them, with many of them jumping in feet first with no real goals or strategic plan in place. You have to approach an online business in the same way that you would in the outside world, and that means developing a plan of action. Far too often these plans are ignored and their grand idea falls flat.

    2. Doing it alone
    It may be the fault of shady online ads encouraging newcomers to start their own business, but many people seem to believe that a new site will simply run on autopilot. It very quickly becomes apparent that the opposite is true and that there is a ton of work to be done if you want a business to succeed. That is usually much more than a single person can handle, which means that it’s a good idea to think about outsourcing some of the tasks that seem to slip through the cracks, such as your brand logo or website design . Those little cracks can soon turn into gaping holes that will suck in potential earnings.’
  • 16 EDT
    Aug EDT
    by Kevin in
    Using contract workers and freelancers isn’t necessarily a practice that is new in business, but it’s one that has certainly become more popular in recent years. While much of that has to do with the ease of hiring people online, it also is a sign of the times. More and more companies are looking at ways to remain productive while making necessary cuts to the operating budget. Often times the best way to do just that is to look at hiring freelancers for jobs that don’t necessarily require a full-time member on staff.

    Obvious Benefits To Use Freelancers

    There are obvious advantages to using freelance workers that go beyond just the financial, although that’s usually where it all begins. There is no need to pay overtime, vacation or sick days, as well as a host of other employee benefits that are standard with full-time employees. It is often that alone which convinces employers to go the freelancer route, but there are also other savings to be had, some of which may not even occur to employers. For example, if someone is needed to work on the company website every now and again, the employer would still have to pay for the expensive software that is required for designing. The fact that the freelancer already has their own software can cut out the need for that particular purchase.
  • 09 EDT
    Aug EDT
    by Kevin in
    Working with a freelancer is a serious business relationship that should be treated as such. As you find an accomplished freelancer to assist you in your business operations, it’s important that you identify an individual who will bring unique strengths and a different perspective to your business. In order to maximize the effectiveness of this business relationship, you will always need to remember that communication is key when dealing with your selected professional. Here are five expectations from the freelancer you hire.
    Adequate professionalism

    While your business is important to you, the same cannot be said for all freelancers. It is important to identify the level of professionalism displayed by your potential candidates prior to bringing them on board to assist you. Professionalism is extremely important and encompasses many different areas such as punctuality, proper communication and quality of work. Judging the level of professionalism being displayed by your freelancer will be dependent upon your unique business needs however there are always core components to look for, one of these being punctuality.
  • 19 EDT
    Jul EDT
    by Kevin in
    With money tight for businesses all over the country, many of them are looking at ways where they can save money while still providing customers with everything that they need. One of the most popular ways of doing so is to do away with permanent staff and hire freelancers for each individual job. What you get is an expert in the field at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. These freelancers can be used when needed and only have to be paid for the work that they produce. There are many benefits to be had by using freelance workers, but that doesn’t mean that going that route doesn’t come with some concerns.
    What you have to remember is that a freelancer is very much their own boss and may not react well to demands that you might ordinarily place on regular employees. That usually makes it a lot more difficult to stay on top of the work that they are doing. This is especially true if the freelancer is doing the work outside of your facility. That is more often than not going to be the case as they are likely to have more than one job on the go at any given time. They only get paid when they get a job, which means they may be juggling more tasks than just yours. The concern them becomes that the project is not only delivered on time and that it also meets the standards you have in place. By clarifying what you expect from them and giving them a short leash, employers can be very clear about the roles they anticipate a freelancer to follow.
  • 05 EDT
    Jul EDT
    by Kevin in
    Companies that have ignored the culture change and not recognizing that the world has made a dramatic shift into business outsourcing are on outside looking in. Outsourcing by using competent freelancers has proven to be a good alternative to hiring. Almost all successful companies have dabbled in utilizing non-geo-specific workers to supplement their operations. Outsourcing using freelancers has absolutely exploded in popularity as the act can potentially save the hiring company thousands of dollars every year. Typically by outsourcing talent the hiring company does not assume as much overhead as they would by hiring a full-time employee. Every organization has day-to-day tasks that are essential to allow for proper operation for the business. Often times, in the case of startup companies, founders tend to be bogged down in the fulfillment of these tasks where their time and effort could be better spent elsewhere.
    Benefits of Business Outsourcing
    By taking on new staff and hiring for positions, companies have to be able to shoulder the burden of responsibility that comes with these actions. In addition to all of the overhead including medical expenses, benefits, and sick pay there are numerous regulations and tax implications that must also be accounted for. Companies looking to save money and not have the additional aggravation of hiring full-time staff members can greatly benefit by outsourcing key jobs to paid freelancers. One such example of the benefits of outsourcing can be seen in secretarial or legal functions. Often times when companies outsource these functions they generate significant savings on their employee payroll in addition to experiencing consistent performance.
  • 02 EDT
    Jul EDT
    by Kevin in
    When finally making the decision to hire a freelancer for individual or business needs, the experience can be daunting if you never faced the challenging of hiring one in the past. There is a tremendous marketplace for outsourcing services on the Internet today. Many talented professionals moonlight from their day jobs as a means of supplementing their income. Other freelancers include individuals from different countries who are willing to accept any job offer regardless of their level of expertise. Sadly, some of these individuals deliver poor quality work or even outsource your jobs themselves to another individual. By comparison, however, there are many trustworthy and genuine freelancers on the web today who will greatly exceed your expectations and meet your individual business needs. When seeking out a freelancer for your work tasks, don't underestimate the responsibility. Follow a few guidelines during the process to ensure it goes smoothly.
    Methods To Find The Right Freelancer
    Due to the competitive nature of the Internet there may be some online freelancers who utilize the services of automated systems to apply for jobs posted online. In an effort to weed out these spammers it's important to make sure that your demands and expectations are clearly indicated in your job requirements. By forcing interested parties to only complete the application process if they are able to meet the stated qualifications you are adding a level of filtration that will help eliminate spammers. Another useful tactic during the application process is to ask the responding parties to insert words or phrases as a stopgap measure to ensure that they have in fact read through the job description. Spammers using automated systems will typically miss these instructions and that will be a huge red flag for the hiring company.
  • 01 EDT
    Jun EDT
    by Kevin in
    With over a billion people living on Earth today, can you imagine the total number of problems people need help with throughout their everyday lives and in the workplace? Need someone to design a logo for you? How about helping translate a document from Chinese to English? Fortunately, these problems have solutions because there are freelancers that specialize in logo design and translation services and can immediately step up and provide you with a solution. However, what if your problem is uncommon and you aren’t sure there is a specific freelancer that has the type of niche specialty you desire?
    Freelancers have a wide range of skills that go beyond what they typically provide on a regular basis to employers. Additionally, most are willing to gain experience on topics that are new to them by dedicating themselves to research and putting forth their best effort to complete a job. Employers love this approach because it does not put them in an exhausting position of finding a new freelancer each time they have a new task at hand.
  • 24 EDT
    May EDT
    by Kevin in
    Interested in receiving feedback on a beta version of a video game? Need to tag and categorize thousands of pictures for a new online shopping site you’ve built? Want a new logo design for your up and coming business? The common theme in these examples is the need for help with simple tasks. By harnessing the power of crowds, you can receive a monumental amount of feedback and help from groups of people to achieve your goal.
    Crowdsourcing is a way of bringing in mass intelligence to solve problems at an affordable price. Instead of choosing an individual to perform the duties, hiring people with a sufficient amount of time and knowledge can help get your work done quickly and efficiently. The tasks once thought to be cumbersome and overwhelming can now be handed off to a crowd to help you meet your end goal with ease and satisfaction.
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