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  • 14 EDT
    Aug EDT
    by John.Lin in
    HOUSTON, Texas, Aug. 7, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - New professional logo design service packages are now available to small businesses looking for a custom-made logo design courtesy of, the internet crowdsourcing marketplace for non-physical products and services. For an affordable price, small business owners may host a logo design contest, choose from the many high-quality custom designs received, and award the logo they like best.
  • 11 EDT
    Aug EDT
    by John.Lin in
    ZBJ Network, INC., Online marketplace, now offering $20 off any new logo design job, is giving small business owners more reason to feel comfortable using their logo design service by offering three iron clad guarantees surrounding their service a firm 100% money back guarantee, expectations met or exceeded, and the promise of a unique design.
  • 11 EDT
    Apr EDT
    by Witmart in
    Small business owners are notorious for doing it all. Whether it’s because of a lack of qualified staff, or a lack of money to pay them, these folks often find themselves Jacks (and Jills) of all trades. And while that arrangement might work for some, there’s bound to be times when the job is just too much for even the savviest of owners.

    The power of many
    And that’s where crowdsourcing comes in. Simply put, crowdsourcing takes the collective skills and abilities of a variety of professional talents and combines these with the power and reach of the Internet. The result is an online marketplace that allows people to sell their specialized services to the buyers that need them – often for less than “market rates”.
  • 31 EDT
    Oct EDT
    by Kevin in
    We’re moving full steam ahead at Witmart and it’s an exciting time to be a small business owner with the opportunity to choose from four new logo design packages that is in alignment with their goals. The new packages put Witmart at the leading edge of the industry for value and choice for logo design work. We take pride in being known as a one-stop shop for all professional freelance services that offers flexible options to businesses that need quick and reliable results.
    By providing small businesses with four different logo design packages, we are able to give business them the flexibility to shop on a budget or receive premium service, and everywhere in-between. This means businesses aren’t forced to spend aggressively, yet ones that require assistance or want the maximum number of logos can opt for the highest-level logo design package offered. The ability to choose gives owners ultimate flexibility.
  • 18 EDT
    Oct EDT
    by Kevin in
    Any small business owner who is conducting operations in today’s technologically integrated marketplace will know how important quality search engine optimization is to their bottom line. For companies who rely upon the Internet to deliver new sales leads and ultimately convert customers, receiving targeted relevant traffic to their website is paramount. While some companies will typically not have the budget nor expertise to implement these techniques, they cannot be overlooked. Search engine optimization is quite easily one of the most effective methods for business promotion. The goal of any website is to ensure that they are displaying the most appropriate and useful information for their customers and ultimately getting as much traffic exposure as possible. Many large organizations spend thousands of dollars every month to ensure that they conduct thorough search engine optimization campaigns as a subset of their marketing arm. The real benefit of the Internet is the fact that the playing field is essentially leveled. Nowadays, small business owners have the opportunity to compete directly with larger scale organizations and ultimately come out on top.
    Professional Search Engine Optimization
  • 08 EDT
    Oct EDT
    by Kevin in
    What has social media meant for our lives in the 21st century? It’s time to say goodbye to standard print media and hello to social media site must-haves like Facebook and Twitter. Social media continues to grow feverishly and new sites are popping up quickly (Pinterest) and others are returning from the dead (MySpace) that it’s hard to stay on top of all the options. However, to succeed at any level with your business, becoming active in social media has become necessary to stay ahead of your competition who you can guarantee is using social media to their advantage.
    Facebook has attracted over 750 million users as we approach the end of 2012. Businesses are learning that using Facebook is not only a way to market to customers but to also communicate with them. A Facebook fan page is a great way to open up the lines of communication and learn what can be done better regarding your product or freelance service. Smoothing over negative customer feedback or receiving heaps of praise for a job well done makes individuals feel cared for and helps them remain loyal customers for life. Facebook also allows for individuals who share a common like for your product or service to converse with each and share their experiences. You’d like every customer to be happy and satisfied with your product.
  • 27 EDT
    Sep EDT
    by Kevin in
    Many online marketplaces promise to supply small businesses with solutions that will take their start-up company from zero to sixty in no time flat. However, these smart businesses know better than to rely on marketplaces that don’t have a solid footing or a foundation that supports multiple professional services. is a strong online workplace for non-physical products that can truly handle multiple services within their platform. Armed with 7 million registered users, along with Chinese sister site, offer promising logo design, web design, translation, writing, and sales and marketing services to small businesses to help them achieve their goals.
    The vast wealth of knowledge and support amongst the large number of freelancers helps separate them from other online marketplace competitors. Employers routinely receive multiple bids on projects to help them succeed. Witmart’s goal is not for small businesses to outsource just one aspect of their business, but to have the company become ingrained in the Witmart brand and improve their business by posting several jobs to simplify their needs. This allows the business to move forward faster and for less than it would cost to hire full time employees. This type of action is common among small businesses that use Witmart.
  • 30 EDT
    Aug EDT
    by Kevin in
    If you ask the average nine-to-five worker where they would like to be in five or ten years you’d probably hear quite of few of them say that they would love to start their own business. Being your own boss is great, but there are many pitfalls along the way that can bring your dreams to a grinding halt very quickly. Oddly enough, many of the mistakes that are made seem to occur over and over again, with new business owners seemingly unable or unwilling to learn from the mistakes that were made by those who have gone before them. Here are 5 mistakes that seem to always rear their ugly head.
    1. No business plan
    Operating a brick and mortar business usually means have a plan in place before you can secure any kind of financing. Online business owners seem to think that doesn’t apply to them, with many of them jumping in feet first with no real goals or strategic plan in place. You have to approach an online business in the same way that you would in the outside world, and that means developing a plan of action. Far too often these plans are ignored and their grand idea falls flat.

    2. Doing it alone
    It may be the fault of shady online ads encouraging newcomers to start their own business, but many people seem to believe that a new site will simply run on autopilot. It very quickly becomes apparent that the opposite is true and that there is a ton of work to be done if you want a business to succeed. That is usually much more than a single person can handle, which means that it’s a good idea to think about outsourcing some of the tasks that seem to slip through the cracks, such as your brand logo or website design . Those little cracks can soon turn into gaping holes that will suck in potential earnings.’
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