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Use Our Fast Translation Service When Needing Urgent Requests Filled in Less Than a Day

by Kevin in Events & Announcements Business Sep 10, 2012 EDT

We are delighted to let our loyal customers know about the translation services we offer from a variety of fluent translators to assist international employers with the urgent nature of translating documents. These documents can be in your hands in less than a twenty-four hour span to give employers a quick and reliable turnaround.
As a leading online marketplace provider for services, digital goods, and design, we offer translation services from many of their 7 million users who are experienced in the art of translating business documents. This service allows businesses to utilize our large talent pool of over 100,000 native translators to find the right fit for their translation needs at a price that is remarkably better than other similar providers. Our advantage is in our ability to return final translations of three hundred words or less in under one day. For greater than three hundred words, multiple sample translations will be completed in less than twenty-four hours.
Due to worldwide exposure through our sister site, we offer freelancers with considerable levels of experience in translation services. Many of the top translation requests we receive on a regular basis are for English to Chinese, English to Spanish, English to French, Chinese to Japanese, Chinese to French, and Chinese to German. Translation prices paid to providers are traditionally based on the number of words given to the provider to translate. Although not mandatory, we state translation prices range between $0.02 and $0.03 per word, set by the employer. Employers and providers also may negotiate to settle on an appropriate agreed upon price.
“I used Witmart to translate a 20,000 word medical article from English to Chinese. After just a few days, I received nearly 40 bids for $500. The quality of the manuscript was very good and I am more than satisfied with the result,” echoes recent Witmart employer Kevin Hall. Other Witmart customers are finding a similar experience, “I never thought I could spend only $300 on Witmart to translate my website from English to French. The winner delivered results very fast. Communication was easy when working with Witmart’s state-of-the-art website technology. I have no reservations in using Witmart again in the future,” says satisfied customer Amanda Stevenson.
We guarantee 100% satisfaction and 24 hour turnaround time from the moment the job is in the hands of the freelancer. Each posted translation job is handled with care with a 100% human powered approach. Employers have the ability to research each provider that submits a bid to gauge the fit to their organizational needs. We can be contacted at any time for assistance with choosing a provider or answering questions about our top translation services. We always offer a 100% money back guarantee if the work is unsatisfactory.

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