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Why Human Translation Service Is Better Than Using Translation Software

by Kevin in Business Nov 22, 2012 EDT

Technology breakthroughs over the last decade have been astonishing, almost to the point of overloading America’s brains with new gadgets replacing old technology on a regular basis. It leaves businesses wondering if they should wait for the next best thing. However, at some point, it makes sense to choose a starting point and push all their chips in with the most recent version at that moment in time. This allows businesses to implement their technology to simplify their efforts and make them more efficient in the process. The question begs though, is there ever a time when relying on humans makes more sense than relying on machines or new software?

In the freelance world, the need for translation services is a very frequent request from businesses who are looking to translate words into another language. Take, for example, a 500 page website in Chinese that the owners would like to make available in English and Spanish. This is a huge undertaking that have website owners scratching their heads on where to start. They understand there is translation software out there that can automate the process for them.
The problem is this machine translation is an automated attempt to translate the language that our human brains naturally perform. In many cases, the meanings of certain sentences are lost with machine translation because they do not have the capability of analyzing the nuances and fully understand the language in which they are translating. The result is inconsistency and sloppiness from machine software that gives the business owner a very poor website. If anything, machine translation is helpful in situations where one needs to translate a handful of words or a short piece of text, and not for anything heavy-duty like a large document or website.
Human translation, on the other hand, allows for guaranteed fluidity and correct sentence structure and flow. While pricey and more time consuming, this allows for an ideal translation based on what is intended as an outcome. Humans invest their time and energy into translating each word and sentence using their knowledge of the languages in

question. They can modify a sentence in their native language to help flow more appropriately. The end goal is to have the document come off has natural and effective, free from idiomatic errors and unnatural sounding.
Using human translation services is a smart approach for businesses looking to continue functioning at a high level and not looking to institute shortcuts, which could make them vulnerable to consumers who recognize their shortcoming and decide to look elsewhere to fulfill their translation needs.

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