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Why Crowdsourcing Translation is a Better Solution

by Kevin in Business Nov 12, 2012 EDT

Crowdsourcing translation is an excellent way to engage people who are willing to translate documents or records. There are expert freelancers all over the world who can easily translate a document with speed and accuracy. Automated translation sites are not always reliable, thus there is no substitute for human workmanship. More companies are outsourcing their projects on freelance web sites or posted through classifieds. Projects can be posted on bidding sites for employers to choose the best-qualified candidates.

Achieving translation results through crowdsourcing is a benefit to businesses that don't have the capabilities on staff. Companies that regularly do business overseas can benefit from a trustworthy freelancer, and it may open future opportunities for employment. It is a great way to tap into people while providing them jobs. Investing in people rather than technology will gain a company a positive reputation.
There is no substitute for person who has lived in China that can easily translate a document rather than relying on translation engines which yield sketchy results. Chinese translation services are manually completed and companies should never rely on automatic translation sites for important business documents. The results are not dependable, and a poorly translated document could ruin a business deal and spoil the reputation of a company. Hiring someone who was born and raised speaking their native language is the most qualified person to translate documents.
There are freelance translators around the globe that can easily handle many pages of documents to translate and do it fast and efficiently, usually within 24 hours. Tackling a large project through crowdsourcing techniques will help get the entire job done fast. There is no shortage of people around the country who can help get results quickly and accurately. Anyone with a strong work ethic and good command of the language in question can do the translating; students, teachers, businessmen and stay-at-home mothers. A business can get any language translated in the world because people are eager to work around the globe. It is easy work that native speakers can do on their own, and many times they are willing to do consistent translating for a company. There are plenty of people out there that are hungry to work and live in desperate poverty. Giving them a job they can do easily is a great way to get what the company needs while supplying someone with the necessary income to survive.
Using human translators will provide jobs around the world while getting accurate results. A translator that consistently shows they can accurately translate documents can be hired as full time translators. They can spend time writing documents or travel with businessmen for the sole purpose of translation.
This is a dream job that many people strive for and it will open a wider pool of talent for companies. Using a crowdsourcing solution is a good way to find a wider base of talent around the world. People can be hired for future projects and it benefits both sides. A company gets the added benefit of getting quality work while freelancers get jobs and opportunity.

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