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by John.Lin in In the News Aug 15, 2013 EDT

PRWebHOUSTON, Texas (PRWEB) October 15, 2012 has rolled out an innovative way for small business owners to receive assistance with their translation request through their Witmart Assurance program. This new high quality translation service enables business owners to rely heavily on the expertise of the Witmart staff to act as an intermediary in facilitating a posted translation job. Through the services of over 100,000 professional translators, Witmart guarantees job satisfaction and fulfillment for each translation job as part of their commitment to excellence across all of their services through Witmart’s state-of-the-art website.

Witmart alludes to two main reasons why using their Witmart Assurance program is worth an employer’s investment. A translator is chosen based on their ability to provide accurate and efficient translation results, not by cost. When needing to translate a document into a language an employer is not familiar with, it becomes impossible to choose from the provided samples. When an employer chooses the Witmart Assurance option, an experienced member of the Witmart team will help evaluate the translation works and help choose the best translator. The Witmart team member will guide the employer through the remaining steps of the translation job ensuring satisfaction.

Other rationale behind using the Witmart Assurance program is if an employer is too busy or unable to follow through on the choosing of the winner due to time constraints. “The Witmart Assurance translation program is designed for individuals who don’t have time or a clear understanding of the language they must receive translations in,” says Richard Zhou, Witmart CEO. “We’ve received quite a bit of feedback from our employers requesting help, thus instituting a platform to assist employers was put in quickly. The goal is to ensure our clients receive the help they deserve in the smoothest way possible.”

While there is a small fee to requesting translation help, using the Witmart Assurance Translation program is risk-free because Witmart offers a 100% money back guarantee if the employer or Witmart team member does not find a suitable provider for the translation job or the end result is unsatisfactory.

Offering professional services for small business needs, Witmart employs highly skilled translators who offer 100% human powered results to give employers the most accurate translation works. Employers can expect to receive multiple translations if the job is less than 300 words or multiple translation samples if the job is greater than 300 words, all within 24 hours. Offering one of the top rates in the industry at $0.029 per word and $9 per job, the Witmart human translation service continues to excel.

More information about translation services with Witmart can be found at:


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