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Fees Schedule


Item (optional add-ons to your job) Cost (fees quoted are in US dollars)
Job Listing Fee (deducted from your Job Reward payment OR refunded if you don't get the results you require) Contract: $5.00 deposit
Contest: Free
Private Job (Your job will be hidden from search engines such as Google and Baidu. Only signed-in users at Witmart can view the content of your job.) $29.00
Highlight (moves your job to the top of the list) $19.00
Language SupportRequest Witmart Service Team to translate the job description between major languages $59.00
Extend Contract or Contest Contract: Free
Contest: At least 30% of the job reward

Note: For a Contest, you may extend the bidding period by a maximum of 14 days per time. Added fees will apply to this extension period. The cost of this added reward should be a minimum of 10% of the current value of the contest reward.


Item Plan (fees quoted are in US dollars)
Basic Gold
Membership Fee (per month) Free $19.99
Service Fee (per job) 20% of the reward 15% of the reward
Bid Tokens (tokens are used to "buy" bid opportunities) $5.00 per 10 tokens
$10.00 per 25 tokens
$5.00 per 10 tokens
$10.00 per 25 tokens