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  • Award: US$50.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Awarding Overdue    |  11 Bids
    Dear freelancers,We are looking for a company or an individual willing to help us in defining the Chinese name for 9 French red wines. In order to be accepted by customs, the Chinese names must be phonetically close to the French one. Moreover, the name must have a positive connotation, and end with the 5 following Chinese characters: 干红葡萄酒.Please find below the 9 French names, with a short explanation of the French meaning for each of them:1. Domaine du Landreau Village In French, "Domaine" means a field/domain that is **ly related to vineyards. Landreau is the name of the property, and Village means “countryside “2. Château Lauduc Classic "Château" means Castle, and Lauduc is the company name3. Les Sablons "Les" means "The", and "Sablons&q ... more
    Category: Unspecified
    Skill Required: TranslationNamingNameRed wine 
    Employer: Saspas United States
  • Award: US$50.00  |   Contest Job  |  Status: Completed    |  23 Bids
    We are looking for a company who can help us in defining the Chinese name of our new project, you’ll find all the details attached. Please keep in mind that our choice will depend of: 1/ Should be easily remembered and easy to pronounce 2/ The characters used should describe our project in a positive light 3/ The name should be available for registration as company and brand name 4/ Our Chinese name will lead us to find out our English name. If you have any ideas of English name that could fit the Chinese name you just found, feel free to let us know about it. 我们需要一家公司能够帮助我们确定新项目的中文名字,详见附表。 请注意我们的选择依据: 1/应该是容易被记住且容易发音的 2/关于我们项目的描述应该是正面的 3/该名字必须是在中国可以登记注册的品牌名字 4/我们的中文名字将决定我们的英文名字. 如果你有任何想法的英文名字适合中文名字你就发现,感谢让我们知道 ... more
    Category: Unspecified
    Skill Required: NamingNameCompany naming 
    Employer: Saspas United States
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