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    Dear freelancers,We are looking for a company or an individual willing to help us in defining the Chinese name for 9 French red wines. In order to be accepted by customs, the Chinese names must be phonetically close to the French one. Moreover, the name must have a positive connotation, and end with the 5 following Chinese characters: 干红葡萄酒.Please find below the 9 French names, with a short explanation of the French meaning for each of them:1. Domaine du Landreau Village In French, "Domaine" means a field/domain that is **ly related to vineyards. Landreau is the name of the property, and Village means “countryside “2. Château Lauduc Classic "Château" means Castle, and Lauduc is the company name3. Les Sablons "Les" means "The", and "Sablons&q ... more
    Category: Unspecified
    Skill Required: TranslationNamingNameRed wine 
    Employer: Saspas United States
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