Rules for Publishing at Witmart Services Market

1. The following rules for publishing services apply to all Providers who publish services at Witmart. Services submitted will be verified by Witmart before being published.

2. Definitions

Service category: choose an industry category based on nature of service

Service name: a short description of the service

Service description: details about the service, such as actions to be done, unique selling points, etc.

Price: set a reasonable price based on nature of service and market rates

Deposit: set an amount to be prepaid by Employers when purchasing your service

Measure unit: select a measurement unit for the service

Cover page: an image/picture to highlight your service

Details: description about service standard, unique selling point, and service level commitment etc. Successful past sales of services can be included here as well.

3. Service publishing rules

1. Service category

(1) Select a suitable category based on the nature and content of the services;

(2) Witmart reserves the right to remove services whose categories are inconsistent with the nature of the services;

2. Service title

(1) Each service title is limited to 60 characters;

(2) Provide a title that is simply, concise, and relevant to the nature of service;

(3) Please do not include search phrases that are irrelevant to the service;

(4) No special punctuations/symbols;

(5) Do not use words that are comparative, superlative, exaggerated, or false in nature (e.g. first, best, biggest etc.);

3. Cover page

(1) The cover page must be clear and relevant to the service content;

(2) The image displayed on cover page shall not be pornographic, illegal, or in breach of copyright;

(3) The image shall not include contact information such as QQ or phone number;

(4) The image shall not include Witmart website address or Witmart logo;

4. Service description

Please describe the service content in an accurate, complete, and authentic manner. False advertising is not allowed.

Past sales of services must be authentic.

Details of services must include:

Service standard: actions to be taken to perform the service.

Transaction procedure: detailed steps on how to complete the sale of services.

After-sales service: description of what after-sales service is available and timing.

Refund conditions: detailed description of conditions for refund.

5. No duplicate service listings

Each service submitted must be different in terms of service title, cover page, and service description, etc. Duplicate publishing of the same service is not allowed.